Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Let's Just Pretend...

Let's play a game called...Let's Just Pretend! It will be loads of fun....I'm sure of it! Okay, I'll give a situation, and you pretend that the opposite has happened! Then, I will appear to be totally with it and cool and put together and all those things that I dream of being....someday.

Ready? Okay, here we go....
1. I haven't updated this blog since June.
2. I had great ideas and plans to deslobbify my house and document it.
3. I managed to deslobbify half my house, (but then got busy)....and the minions that live here kindly helped continue my work.
4. I am just breezing through my college classes, acing all tests and writing papers in a day.
5. The funeral business is booming and paying us billions of dollars
6. Homeschool is getting easier and easier every day.
7. My kids are ugly and I hate them. (Remember....opposites) :-P
8. I lost a hundred pounds and ran a marathon. (Opposites! Ok..I didn't actually gain a hundred pounds, but I didn't lose any either)

Really, things are not that horrible. haha I'm just busy. Between homeschooling four kids, being a senior in college, taking kids to activities, church callings, and just being a wife and mom....blogging hasn't made it on my list much. But I really used to love to blog and I kind of miss it. Throw in the mix that I'm lazy and would rather be reading a good book or watching the BBC....I admit it, things don't get done

But...this is me, checking in and saying 'hey' and making sure my blog still exists. I'll throw in a couple of photos to mark the occasion. Hopefully I'll be back again and some of those opposites will have come true. ;-)