Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's December! the last few days just have been a blur to me and the next few coming days will be even more so. It's finals week for me...gulp...I have sooo much to do. Throw in the fact that we had snow and freezing temperatures the last several days (meaning...children stuck in the house more), kids with the sniffles, and all the upcoming December stuff...(you know...parties, presents, scout elves, decorations, Santa...)....see? Gulp. Actually, I welcome December and all the activity and festivity....just not until after I finish exams and papers and all that yucky stuff. So, I think I'll get busy with my homework....Then we can hang more lights in the windows. :-)
Oh...and yes, Jingle Mouse, our family's scout elf, er, mouse...has returned. He has reported to Santa and the kids are already doing their best to behave and avoid a naughty status on Santa's list. Even the older two boys are behaving and going along with it. I'm glad they don't think they are too cool yet. 
I'll just go ahead and include the Jingle Mouse pictures so far. Not super creative, but, seriously...I have mush for brains these days. Haha
Day 1...Kisses, Lights, and a Letter from Santa
Day 2...Elizabeth loves this RC Cola (it's a rare treat for her) Jingle Mouse brought a whole 12 pack and even put on a crown!
Day 3...Just to make sure the kids don't forget the real reason for the season.
Day 4...Camping and roasting marshmallows on top of the wood stove. (side note...the kids were totally horrendous in behavior today...but maybe they weren't and I'm just sooo stressed trying to get my stuff done that it seemed horrendous...I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and let Jingle Mouse continue on with his adventures)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Let's Just Pretend...

Let's play a game called...Let's Just Pretend! It will be loads of fun....I'm sure of it! Okay, I'll give a situation, and you pretend that the opposite has happened! Then, I will appear to be totally with it and cool and put together and all those things that I dream of being....someday.

Ready? Okay, here we go....
1. I haven't updated this blog since June.
2. I had great ideas and plans to deslobbify my house and document it.
3. I managed to deslobbify half my house, (but then got busy)....and the minions that live here kindly helped continue my work.
4. I am just breezing through my college classes, acing all tests and writing papers in a day.
5. The funeral business is booming and paying us billions of dollars
6. Homeschool is getting easier and easier every day.
7. My kids are ugly and I hate them. (Remember....opposites) :-P
8. I lost a hundred pounds and ran a marathon. (Opposites! Ok..I didn't actually gain a hundred pounds, but I didn't lose any either)

Really, things are not that horrible. haha I'm just busy. Between homeschooling four kids, being a senior in college, taking kids to activities, church callings, and just being a wife and mom....blogging hasn't made it on my list much. But I really used to love to blog and I kind of miss it. Throw in the mix that I'm lazy and would rather be reading a good book or watching the BBC....I admit it, things don't get done

But...this is me, checking in and saying 'hey' and making sure my blog still exists. I'll throw in a couple of photos to mark the occasion. Hopefully I'll be back again and some of those opposites will have come true. ;-)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Goings On

 Just a couple of things that have happened since the last post....
We played at the park.... 
We tried to get a snail and a slug to be friends.... 
We went to church and participated in all the fun things there.... 
We visited cemeteries that are now part of Daddy's job....
We missed these two cuties while they went camping.... 
 I finished Spring term...and have just now started Summer term.
So, that's not all that we have done, obviously, but it's a nice little snapshot. Hey, at least I blogged!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lights and Prayers

It's been a long time since I posted anything in this blog. I can now face my blog. Not long ago, I couldn't really face anything, but now I am back in the saddle. What happened? Right after my last post....right after Christmas....our lives became very, very difficult. Some things are just personal and non-shareable. Others I will share The biggest struggle we had was Travis lost his job...two days after Christmas. I felt panic, but Travis felt peace. He told me not to worry...he would get a job...but he felt it would take a little while, but once he got it, it would be the job that he called his career. For three and a half months there were no interviews, no call backs. It was fun having daddy home with us all the time, but super stressful as well. Every day that Travis was home was a day we had no income. We survived on my student loan, tax return, cashing out retirement, selling a bike, returning clothes bought....pretty much anything we could do to survive. In the middle of it all, I got pneumonia, Connor got double ear infections everyone got colds. (And no insurance)

Needless to say, we had a very rough start to the year. But.......we prayed....we prayed very hard. Who ever could make it to church, went to church and we prayed and prayed. I begged the Lord for solutions and help. The message I constantly received was, "In my own time and my own way. Be patient." I cried and prayed some more and waited.

One day Travis said, "I applied to the funeral people again. I keep thinking about them. I keep remembering my experiences in dealing with the people when Kim died. I feel like it's something I'd like to do. To help people." (Kim was Travis's sister that died of brain cancer in 1997)

I told him if he felt that strongly, then he needed to be more forward. Don't just fill out an online application, call them. I told him he needed to actually meet people face to face and let them see that he is more than just another applicant. He's good at conversation. He needed to talk to someone. So Travis sent an email to the local funeral home that was listed with the job opening. (The application was with the corporation) Fifteen minutes later, Travis got a phone call. He spoke to the sales manager, Renee. She scheduled an interview and asked him to fax her his resume.

A couple of days later, Travis met with Renee. After talking to him for a while she told him, "You know, looking at your resume and seeing that most of your experience was retail, I really thought you were not going to be a good fit, but I met with you as a formality and was fully prepared to tell you thanks, but no thanks. Now!....after talking to you and seeing what kind of person you are going to be my rock star!"

I actually was given the chance to say I told you so! Renee had Travis meet her boss, then he had to do three background checks, a drug test and take (and pass) the state life insurance exam. (All of which came out of our empty pockets...which we will be reimbursed soon...but it was just one more obstacle)

Eleven days ago, Travis officially started working for Dignity Memorial. His office is at the Sequim Valley Funeral Chapel. He is a Family Service Advisor. He will be selling pre-need plans to people and helping with funerals etc. He has already delivered ashes to a memorial service and sat in with grieving families planning the funerals for their loved ones. It sounds like a depressing job, but it feels right. After all of those very difficult days of worry....we now feel peace. It is a good job. He has a great boss. There is a potential for making a very good living. There is a light at the end of the tunnel...and my favorite little decorative doohickey, that says "prayer changes things" was right!