Monday, February 25, 2013


  Totally random stuff... 
I made Lizbet a fort around her bed (she has the bottom bunk). She watched movies and ate treats. 
One day we just decided to drive to Forks for fun. (It's about 55 miles away) Be jealous all you Twilight fans. ;-) 
The hideous and disgusting, brown, very old, wood toilet seat broke I replaced it all by myself.
Joseph made a cheesecake pie for FHE. He was very proud of himself and requested a photo. 
Elizabeth gave her first talk in Primary. She was absolutely adorable.  
I started going to Weight Watchers again. I really missed it and I really, really love the new program they have. I've been having fun inventing and trying out new recipes. This is chicken that sat in the crockpot with a jar of salsa all day, got shredded, then was rolled up in a warm little corn tortilla with a little bit of shredded cheese and lite sour cream. Oh my goodness was it good...thank you very much!
Oh...and week two, second weigh in...I lost 6.2 pounds! Take that, fat!
I've been walking almost every morning. Today, I walked twice cause my kids were driving me bonkers. The wind was blowing like a gazillion miles an hour, but I didn't care. They ended up having lots of fun in the end. This picture cracks me up because the *gasp* sun was shining in their little albino faces!  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

Today, Elizabeth went to her very first party. All of the children are from church, most are in her Sunbeam class. They were all very adorable and it was a great opportunity for Elizabeth to be with other children. Here are a few pictures of the fun times. Most are blurry because she refused to be still long enough for a photo.
Natalie has lots of great toys. Here are Lizbet and JoJo playing with these toys. Jo kept saying, "I'm the Mom!" and Elizabeth was all...okay, whatever. haha 
They had a cute little heart themed lunch, that she didn't really eat (there were TOYS to be played with! Food..schmood!) Then, they decorated sugar cookies. Yummy!
Here she is with her finished cookie...that she licked and then asked me to eat. (I, of course, took one for the team and "helped" her eat it)
They made cute little boxes to hold their Valentines. Then they passed them out to each other. I was happy to hear that everyone liked the bubbles we brought.
The chick on the right in the red...that's extraordinaire, and hostess of the party. (thanks Kristen!)
And last, but not least...the beautiful purple flowers that Travis got for me! I normally don't care about getting anything on Valentines day, but this year, I just felt like I could use a little extra love. So, my sweetie picked me some of my favorite flowers in my favorite color. I am happy.  
Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!!! 

Valentines Day Eve

Today I prepared for one of my least favorite holidays. Don't ask me why it is...I don't feel up to the very long rant tonight. But...I do have children and a husband, and I want them to feel special and loved. So, here we go....
Elizabeth is going to her very first party! We made bubble Valentine's.
I think they turned out pretty cute. (thanks Pinterest)
I made my little lovies a treat. Rice Krispie treats with a healthy sprinkle of red sugar on top and a buck thrown in for good measure. (pay no attention to the stains on the table...we homeschool...those are battle scars of love) I made one for Travis, too...just not pictured.
We also gave each child an i loveyou balloon.

As for Travis...I bought him a top sirloin steak and some red potatoes. I'll throw in homemade cheese bread and be considered #1 wife!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Mini Vacation=Heaven on Earth

Travis took Connor and Joseph to a Monster Jam event at the Tacoma Dome last month. They had an awesome time. Travis looked at the schedule and said, "Hey, Monster Jam will be in Portland the first weekend of February..." Plus, his oldest sister lives down in Vancouver....we could go visit her...and we have the money right now....hmmm, maybe we should go down for a little weekend getaway, for the first time! The only time we ever go away is to go to Travis's parents house. As much as we absolutely love his parents, when we go, there is WORK to do. SOOO.....
We booked a room at the Best Western in Vancouver (that's Vancouver WA..cause we do live near Vancouver BC...but that would be the wrong direction)...bought three tickets to Monster Jam...loaded up the van...and went on a mini vacation. It. Was. Heaven.!!!!!!

We arrived Friday night after a four hour drive. (we had to wait for Travis to get off work before we could leave) The kids were so excited to be in a hotel, we had to administer melatonin to get them to go to sleep! We got up Saturday morning and took them in to get some breakfast. This was what Joseph reeeeaaaallly wanted. We offered to take them out someplace for breakfast, but Joseph wanted to partake in their "free" continental breakfast. They had a waffle iron so you could make your own waffles, fruit, yogurt, bagels...all those yummy things that beat the heck out of the cold cereal they get at home. After breakfast, Travis took Joseph and Connor to a car wash (cause if we didn't try out a new car wouldn't have been a fabulous trip for Connor), then they headed off to Portland for Monster Jam. They had an awesome time! They did the pit party before the show. Totally worth the extra money!
 They got to meet Pablo Huffaker!
 And freakin' sit on George Belhan's couch!!!
Look how close up they got to be to the trucks! So super awesome!
Joseph has idolized Monster Trucks, and especially Grave Digger/Dennis Anderson for most of his 12 years of life. We have tried to encourage this love. It makes me so happy that we are able to take him to see the people and trucks that he loves. This was his third Monster Jam show that he has been to. Seeing how much he loves it, it will definitely not be his last!'s a kinda funny story. Not funny at the time, but funny now. Joseph took a notebook so that he could get signatures at the pit party. As they got in the van, Joseph realized that he had lost his notebook. Travis said he just sat there, stunned, as Joseph looked for this notebook. So, because he's a good daddy, he went back into the stadium (which, side note, was way better than the Tacoma dome...when you have a pro basketball team play in the arena, you tend to have a nicer venue) to look for the notebook. He couldn't find it anywhere. A worker there suggested that they hurry in and line up at the table where all the drivers were signing autographs. So, Travis grabbed the boys, whipped out his little pocket moleskin notebook and off they ran to try and catch the drivers. They were literally, the last ones in the line, but Joseph was able to get an autograph from every single driver and even talk to a few of them. It made me cry when Travis told me this. Even though I knew Travis was not happy about him losing the notebook, I also knew that this would end up meaning so much to the boys. (again...such a good daddy!) Joseph was so excited that he got to talk to these people and even high five some. He complimented the drivers on awesome tricks that he saw them do on TV at a different show. I just have to say...Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam is an awesome, awesome organization! No where else will you find the stars of the show be so fan friendly and awesome. Anyway...back to the notebook story...after all that, guess who found his original notebook in the end. (in the bottom of a bag...oops) I'm kinda glad he lost it though, cause he was blessed with an opportunity he wouldn't have had otherwise. (one last time...thank you, Travis, for being such an awesome daddy!) 

What were you, Dawn, doing with the other two children while all that was going on? Well...first we bundled up and went on a walk. It's been a while since we walked in a city. We visited a Fred Meyer (which we don't have at home), and a Dollar Tree, and then we went to Dairy Queen for lunch. Spencer got little treats along the way and Elizabeth scored a couple of puzzles and a princess cup. 
At Dairy Queen, Spencer kept saying how much fun he was having and thanking me over and over. He isn't a monster truck fan. He likes quiet. This was nice for him. I liked the more personal time we had.
After lunch, we walked back to the hotel. Spencer played on his iPad, Elizabeth and I did puzzles, then we watched a movie and mommy fell asleep on the bed. It was so quiet and relaxing. That night, we ordered pizza (a luxury for us) and watched TV and just relaxed. 

We had to go back Sunday morning because Travis had to be to work that afternoon, but we totally decided that we HAVE to do that again! (minus the monster truck show) Just going away from home and responsibilities for a short time was rejuvenating for our minds, souls, and our family relationships.

I wanted to post the video of Joseph getting all of the autographs, but I need to get Travis to send it to me first. It was pretty cool.

This made me laugh so hard!