Monday, February 25, 2013


  Totally random stuff... 
I made Lizbet a fort around her bed (she has the bottom bunk). She watched movies and ate treats. 
One day we just decided to drive to Forks for fun. (It's about 55 miles away) Be jealous all you Twilight fans. ;-) 
The hideous and disgusting, brown, very old, wood toilet seat broke I replaced it all by myself.
Joseph made a cheesecake pie for FHE. He was very proud of himself and requested a photo. 
Elizabeth gave her first talk in Primary. She was absolutely adorable.  
I started going to Weight Watchers again. I really missed it and I really, really love the new program they have. I've been having fun inventing and trying out new recipes. This is chicken that sat in the crockpot with a jar of salsa all day, got shredded, then was rolled up in a warm little corn tortilla with a little bit of shredded cheese and lite sour cream. Oh my goodness was it good...thank you very much!
Oh...and week two, second weigh in...I lost 6.2 pounds! Take that, fat!
I've been walking almost every morning. Today, I walked twice cause my kids were driving me bonkers. The wind was blowing like a gazillion miles an hour, but I didn't care. They ended up having lots of fun in the end. This picture cracks me up because the *gasp* sun was shining in their little albino faces!  

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Rachael said...

That bottom picture is hilarious and your chicken burritos look delicious!