Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Our computer crashed a few days ago! It was awful. We think we got some sort of virus, I don't know, but the only way we could save the computer and not cost us a billion dollars, we had to reload it all...which means...we lost it all. Pictures, journal was a sad day, but at least we have the computer back. We had saved a few things on an external hard drive we own, but not near enough.

Anyway...that's where I've been. Here are a couple of pictures. We went to the pumpkin patch as a family and took Travis's mom and then yesterday I took the little boy I babysit (Jake) and my kids to the patch again to get some little pumpkins to decorate.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Here is my final picture of my food pyramid. I lost 9.6 pounds during the 7 week challenge. Yay me! (o:

Monday, October 12, 2009


I'm not sure what to write about. My head is kinda foggy these days. I have been not feeling 'normal' since I had Elizabeth. She nearly killed me, after all. So, I went in to see my doctor 2 weeks ago. My blood pressure was incredibly high. They immediately put me on medication. I asked the doctor why I would be seeing this now...I'm losing weight...moving more...what the heck??? He said he didn't know, but to continue with the weight loss and the moving...except hold off on the moving for a week or two til the medicine kicks in. They took lots of my blood and will let me know if they found anything bad. I haven't heard from them...I'm hoping that means no news is good news, but I'm afraid to call and press the issue. I'll be going back in a couple of weeks, so we will discuss it all then for sure. But, needless to say..I have felt very, very tired. Physically and emotionally. When I went in, my nurse had a cow when she saw my blood pressure, told me I could have a stroke at any minute, and then ran out to get the doctor. Doctor Durch was calmer, but still did a lovely job at scaring me and causing some serious hypochondria on my part. (o:

Anyway, I am not the type of person who likes to discuss myself or my ailments. Just not my thing. So, here is a cute picture of my little Connor, who turned 5 last week! Can you believe that? Five years old! He can be such a little turd, but he is such a joy. We love him so much!
Oh, and just a quick note about Weight Watchers...I got a call yesterday and the local Weight Watchers vlogger wants to come to our home and interview me and then also interview me at one of my meetings. Nice, eh? I'll let you know if it gets onto the WW site.
Better go. I can hear Spencer in our bedroom teaching Connor the basics on letter sounds. They really want Connor to learn how to read, so they are helping me teach him. So cute! I've gotta go watch.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Few Things

The past week we have done a few things so I thought I would report in. The first thing we did was went on our annual trip over to Issaquah to see the salmon come home. We picked up Travis's mom and took her with us. The count was lower than normal this year, so we didn't get to see quite as many jumping, but it was still lots of fun.

Next, we decided to go on an impromptu road trip over the mountains to Ellensburg. It's 109 miles from Seattle. Again, we picked up Travis's mom and took her with us. We were going to go to a Children's Activity Museum, but since it was Saturday, they closed early, so we just drove around town for a while. We found the Elementary school that had a nice, new playground to play on, so that's what we did for about an hour and a half. Then we stopped at the local Dairy Queen and got a hotdog, then headed on out back to home. It's such a gorgeous drive through the mountains. Spencer said his favorite part of the trip were the rest stops. (o: Look at Little Miss...she has enough hair to wear little clips now!

The last thing was, last night we decided to go for a little night drive. The city is so beautiful at night. Travis made us get out of the car and do a group photo.
That's about it. Blogger is being totally retarded and I have no idea where the words are going to end up on this page, so I'm going to quit, but at least I have pictures and words for you all to see and that I can say that I have documented a few things for posterity.