Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

First of all...Michael Jackson died today and I have to say that I kinda don't care much. Everyone's making a huge deal. I know he was "King of Pop" and I have some great memories from the 80's of his music, but he got kinda weird and I have lots in my life that, to me, is more important than Jacko. (Sorry Jackson family)

On to the important things. (o: Father's day weekend we had lots of fun. Travis's older brother and his family came up to visit from California. We went to his folks place to bbq and enjoy their company on Saturday. Travis and Jeff ended up playing outside with all the kids while I stayed in and talked to the folks, and Jeff's wife Patty, and also his sister, Tracey. They were outside throwing Nerf balls at each other and the kids and occasionally at me if I got close enough to the sliding door. They all had a lot of fun. I'm not sure who had more fun...the big kids, or the little kids.
Before weekend pictures though, here is a cute picture of Lizbet checking out her dad's watch. Eventually, all our kids have become fascinated with daddy's watch. It was pretty cute.
Here is Olivia, Connor and Jeff. Olivia just turned 11. I can't believe how old she is now! I remember her being Elizabeth's!
Here is Amelia, who is Joseph's age, Travis being my manly man, and Joseph.
Sunday Travis had to work, but when he got home (and we got home from church), I fixed him a very yummy meal and we had a nice quiet dad's day together.
This is funny. I told the boys we could get their dad a giant cookie cake. (we've never gotten one before and they really wanted to try one out and, as Spencer pointed out..they were on sale) We go and, of course, since it's the day before dad's day, the choices were limited, but the kids decided they really wanted to get him this fishing one. Travis doesn't fish. I'm sure he's done it before in his life, but I've never seen it. At least I have pictures to prove that I went fishing as a kid (Thanks G&G Anderson for those memories). But, that's what they wanted, so that's what we got. Of course it was yummy~especially after we scraped off 90% of that frosting. I think the kids wanted that one because of the fishing guy and fish because yesterday when I went into the bathroom, I found the sink full of water with those 2 fish in the water and the fishing guy standing next to the sink with his line in the water. It was pretty funny and I wish now I would have taken a picture of it.
Anyway, it was a good weekend. Travis said that he was happy and that's what matters.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Just wanted to say Happy Father's day to a couple of important Fathers.
First and my Travee. About 5 years into our marriage I gave Travis the option of opting out of our marriage so he could go find a woman that wasn't told she would never have children. I knew what a great dad he would make and felt so bad that I wasn't giving him that opportunity. He told me no and I was crazy. I'm glad he did, because miracles happen and I am able every day, to watch Travis be that great dad that I knew he would be. I love him more than anything...despite any gooberness that he may have. (o: Thank you, Travis, for giving me four beautiful children, and for being the loving father that you are. You are the love of my life and I can't imagine my life without you.
There's some special bond between a father and daughter. I can see this already.
How can I not love this man?
Travee, you're the best!
Look at that good looking bunch! Another great dad is Travis's dad, Ken. Here he is with the family. He is a very spiritual man that would do anything for us. He's always interesting to talk to and I'm glad that he's still around...even though he's promised to die since I married Travis almost 15 years ago. ("Now that my youngest is married...I can die")

This is my daddy. You will never find a more honest, upstanding, kind man as my dad. He loves his family and his country. I get along very well with my dad and, unlike most of the population that finds my dad a tad too quiet, I love talking to him and we can literally talk for hours. We enjoy the same types of things...books we read, the Civil War. It's fun to talk to Dad. (o:

I'm very proud that my dad retired a full bird Colonel in the Army. I'm grateful for the experiences that being an Army brat gave to me. Thanks Dad, for all you did and do for me. I love you!
Oh, I also still have one living Grandpa~Morgan Anderson. I don't have a picture at the moment on this computer...but he looks a LOT like my dad (well, vice versa) but really...if you know my dad, you know my grandpa. He's a great man. He's not even 80 yrs old and they have 40 GREAT grandchildren! Quite the legacy.
(Also, I miss my Grandpa Jake more than anyone will ever know!)
So, you can see, I'm a pretty lucky girl. If we got to choose our family in heaven, I must have had first round pick cause I got the best of everything!
Happy Father's Day!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stuff Goes On

Travis started a new job last week. A better job. A tiny bit more money, but more hours and a much better (more positive) work environment. So...the last couple of weeks have been stressful, yet peaceful and then happy. We kind of felt like we were in a foggy haze for a while, but now the sun has come out and the haze has cleared and I'm feeling more like my old self. I, however, have TONS of stuff to do to make up for those couple of weeks where, I learned, when you are in a hazy fog, you don't get much accomplished.

Here are just a couple of pictures for your enjoyment.
Elizabeth is growing like crazy. She had her 4 month apptmt. She's 90% for height and 45% for weight. She does seem so much smaller than the boys...who were all square. (90% &90%) She's healthy and happy. Spencer also went in...his 7 yr old check up. He's healthy and well too. He is tall and skinny also. 75% for height and 50% for weight. My kids definitely have Isaak genes. At least these two do. My mom sent this purple outfit and my sister-in-law sent the headband. Yay for purple!!!
You can't really see it, but this is a purple dress mom sent. We were going home from church here. I forgot to mention that Little Miss (that's what Joseph calls her) drives me crazy cause every time I lay her on the floor she immediately rolls over and starts screaming cause she doesn't know how to roll from tummy to back yet, but loves to roll over the other I can't just lay her down on the floor anymore..unless I post Joseph next to her to roll her back over every time. (which he happily does quite often)

Here are the boys playing nicely together. It was Spencer's computer time Sunday after church. He decided to dig out an old game we had...Police Chase. (It's where they drive a car through an obstacle course or city and if they want, they can have the police chase them)Joseph and Connor were cheering Spencer on as he played. It was pretty cute! And yes, that is pizza in the background. Homemade pizza thank you very much. When we came home from church I made the dough and the kids helped make their own individual pizzas. Travis and I had tomato, green onions, and green peppers. The boys all had mushrooms, (YUCK! I can't believe all 3 boys love mushrooms~Travis and I hate them) tomatoes and Spencer threw on some onions. They were very yummy and kinda of a fun treat to have on a Sunday evening.
Okay, that's it for now. Elizabeth is throwing a fit behind me because she wants me to hold her. No other reason...she's fed, changed, napped. She just wants to be held. Darn it! Guess I'll have to go snuggle with my baby.(o:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Misc Fun

Here are a couple of random type thoughts and pictures I wanted to share. Enjoy!
I know we live by it and we see it all the time, but how can I not be totally in love with this gorgeous mountain? It was a clear day...I just had to snap a photo and share. I heart Mt. Rainier!
We don't have very many Krispie Kreme's around here, so every once in a (great) while we take the boys and get them each a donut and let them watch the whole donut making process. Notice that even my biggest 'boy' is enthralled? (o: They were making chocolate frosted ones that day.

Of course, Elizabeth didn't care about the donuts, but spent her time looking adorable.
A few days ago the kids were all cranky and seemed like they needed to get out, but it was a cloudy, rainy day, so we put them in the car and went for a drive. We headed down towards Tacoma and ended up at the Narrows bridge. You have to pay a small toll to come back, but it was totally worth it. We went to a big Borders book store in Gig Harbor and let them spend lots of time browsing the cool kid section. Then we went home. It turned in to a pretty great day.
I just thought this was a cool shot.
And lastly, look who is big enough to play in her exersaucer!!! She can go about 15 minutes before she gets tired, but it's an exciting new thing for her to do and she is so proud of herself when she's in it. *sigh* It's just not fair that she is growing so fast!
That's it for now. Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

In a Mood

It's the middle of the night, I'm tired, but I can't stop coughing cause I have a cold, so what's a girl to do? Why watch (and listen to) her favorite people on youtube of course.

I am going to share a couple of my faves because...1. I can 2. You might enjoy them 3. They will all then be more easily accessible for my listening (and watching) pleasure without having to search for them. we go. First..Il Divo. I have such a crush on a Swiss wait, an, a Frenchman...a Spaniard?? Ah heck, I'm in love with them all. If anyone is looking for a perfect birthday gift for about a million dollars and Il Divo in my room..for a private concert. (o: **wink**

This song is one of my most faves of theirs because I have the greatest mom in the universe and I'm hoping that some day my kids will say the same thing about me. Love ya mom!!!

Next, if Il Divo is busy...Josh Groban can come on over. This song is my theme song.

And lastly, dedicated to all those people in the world..friends and family...that have touched my life in some raise me up. Here are my female loves...Celtic Woman. (I have Travis in love with them too) (I know, Josh sings this too, but I love the girls' version a tad better~and this concert is my all time fave for them)

So, I hope you will be uplifted in some way by these songs that make me happy. (and now you have a glimpse into what I listen to when I'm not singing the Wheels on the Bus)

OH! I almost forgot. Today I woke up, looked in the mirror and nearly burst into tears because my hair is soooo thin on top right now. So...I pulled out the scissors and...CHOP! Here are a couple of pictures of what I did to myself. (I know Rachael could have done a million times better, but I was desperate!) (and dressed in my skivvies)

What do ya think?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


When life gives you lemons...make lemonade. Well, we've been handed some big old lemons lately. We decided to pull out the Splenda and make some lemonade. And when you have kids as sweet as's not too hard to do.
Great-Aunt Joyce sent this outfit. Mommy made the headband.
Travis had to run into the store to buy some bandaids. (Spencer injured himself and we were in the car so we stopped because otherwise we wouldn't hear the end of it until we got home). While he was gone, the kids and I played with the camera. I tapped Joseph on the shoulder and snapped this.
Then I tapped Spencer.
Connor was clear in the the trunk. I called his name and...snap. (o:
Then, they got me. It was only fair I suppose.
Elizabeth was trapped in her car seat, so she started sticking her tongue out at Joseph for fun. Look at that tiny tongue!!!
I just stuck the camera in her carseat and snapped one. Turned out pretty cute.I finally had to take her out of her seat cause it's been flipping hot here and she was getting mad at being all strapped in, so I took her out and took a picture of her farmer Jane outfit.

So, no matter what the trials, as long as I have these little monkeys...we are doing okay. (Oh, and the big Gorilla makes me pretty happy too)

(big gorilla feeding the littlest monkey) (o: