Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

First of all...Michael Jackson died today and I have to say that I kinda don't care much. Everyone's making a huge deal. I know he was "King of Pop" and I have some great memories from the 80's of his music, but he got kinda weird and I have lots in my life that, to me, is more important than Jacko. (Sorry Jackson family)

On to the important things. (o: Father's day weekend we had lots of fun. Travis's older brother and his family came up to visit from California. We went to his folks place to bbq and enjoy their company on Saturday. Travis and Jeff ended up playing outside with all the kids while I stayed in and talked to the folks, and Jeff's wife Patty, and also his sister, Tracey. They were outside throwing Nerf balls at each other and the kids and occasionally at me if I got close enough to the sliding door. They all had a lot of fun. I'm not sure who had more fun...the big kids, or the little kids.
Before weekend pictures though, here is a cute picture of Lizbet checking out her dad's watch. Eventually, all our kids have become fascinated with daddy's watch. It was pretty cute.
Here is Olivia, Connor and Jeff. Olivia just turned 11. I can't believe how old she is now! I remember her being Elizabeth's!
Here is Amelia, who is Joseph's age, Travis being my manly man, and Joseph.
Sunday Travis had to work, but when he got home (and we got home from church), I fixed him a very yummy meal and we had a nice quiet dad's day together.
This is funny. I told the boys we could get their dad a giant cookie cake. (we've never gotten one before and they really wanted to try one out and, as Spencer pointed out..they were on sale) We go and, of course, since it's the day before dad's day, the choices were limited, but the kids decided they really wanted to get him this fishing one. Travis doesn't fish. I'm sure he's done it before in his life, but I've never seen it. At least I have pictures to prove that I went fishing as a kid (Thanks G&G Anderson for those memories). But, that's what they wanted, so that's what we got. Of course it was yummy~especially after we scraped off 90% of that frosting. I think the kids wanted that one because of the fishing guy and fish because yesterday when I went into the bathroom, I found the sink full of water with those 2 fish in the water and the fishing guy standing next to the sink with his line in the water. It was pretty funny and I wish now I would have taken a picture of it.
Anyway, it was a good weekend. Travis said that he was happy and that's what matters.

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Rachael said...

That is so funny that they wanted the giant cookie for the toys. Too cute!