Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's December! the last few days just have been a blur to me and the next few coming days will be even more so. It's finals week for me...gulp...I have sooo much to do. Throw in the fact that we had snow and freezing temperatures the last several days (meaning...children stuck in the house more), kids with the sniffles, and all the upcoming December stuff...(you know...parties, presents, scout elves, decorations, Santa...)....see? Gulp. Actually, I welcome December and all the activity and festivity....just not until after I finish exams and papers and all that yucky stuff. So, I think I'll get busy with my homework....Then we can hang more lights in the windows. :-)
Oh...and yes, Jingle Mouse, our family's scout elf, er, mouse...has returned. He has reported to Santa and the kids are already doing their best to behave and avoid a naughty status on Santa's list. Even the older two boys are behaving and going along with it. I'm glad they don't think they are too cool yet. 
I'll just go ahead and include the Jingle Mouse pictures so far. Not super creative, but, seriously...I have mush for brains these days. Haha
Day 1...Kisses, Lights, and a Letter from Santa
Day 2...Elizabeth loves this RC Cola (it's a rare treat for her) Jingle Mouse brought a whole 12 pack and even put on a crown!
Day 3...Just to make sure the kids don't forget the real reason for the season.
Day 4...Camping and roasting marshmallows on top of the wood stove. (side note...the kids were totally horrendous in behavior today...but maybe they weren't and I'm just sooo stressed trying to get my stuff done that it seemed horrendous...I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and let Jingle Mouse continue on with his adventures)