Monday, November 28, 2011

The Grand Tour...

We had our 6 month inspection the other day, so our house had to be in pretty good order. Since it looked fairly decent, I thought I would snap some pictures for my mom and sisters who all wanted to see the whole house. I thought I would post them here too so that I have a record of the house being clean once. hahaha. I LOVE this house! It's old and kinda small and very quirky and I love it, love it, love it!!! I see some of the big gorgeous houses that my friends and family have and I get maybe a small tinge of jealousy, but then at night when I am putting the kids to bed and hanging out on the couch watching movies with my honey...I feel such a peace. This little house is for us. We are a quirky and goofy family with lots and lots of imperfections...but we are loving and give of what we have...just like our little house. I really hope we don't have to move anytime soon. That would make me very sad. But...until then...I will love and enjoy the little house on the bluffs!
Our bedroom. The big wall behind the bed is blank! So I didn't take a picture of it. I can't decide what I want to put there...
Joseph and Spencer's room.
Elizabeth and Connor's room. (and their totally ghetto window covering until I can figure out what I want to put up there. I reallllly wish I had my sewing machine these days!
The hallway. All the bedrooms, main bathroom, and pantry closet are in this hallway.
This is the original living room. We call it the small side or the computer side. We really really love that wood stove! Hot chocolate just tastes better when the water is heated on the top of the stove!
The kitchen is on my left. I love the openness of the place. Sooo much room!
This is in the big living room. It used to be the garage. I'm so happy we have the big living room and not a garage. This room is where we are always at!
The big living room again. We seriously need a big old recliner. More chairs anyway. It's so nice that we have to room to be able to say that!
The front door. Come on in! Notice the curtains in the window on the right. We have to gather them up like that when we turn the baseboard heater. If I had a sewing machine...I'd most likely hem the things up a bit...but...alas...we settle and are happy we have what we have.

The kitchen. The window makes me happy. I love being able look out the window at the birds and the kids when they play.

So...that is it. That is what we live in. I can not thank my Heavenly Father enough for helping us to get into this house and for blessing us with all that we have.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Movie Debut

Our kids are so funny! Yesterday, after church, they decided to go out and slide down the little hill that leads into the forest next to our house. They used the toy tub that Elizabeth had dumped out...they nearly killed themselves a few times, but they had lots of fun. After the filming, Spencer took on the task of editing and making it into a movie suitable for Youtube. It's not really a movie...except for the fancy credits at the end...but it is funny to see what the kids do when the parents aren't present. Joseph kinda stuttered along cause he said he didn't have a script. It made us smile, so we will share the link and you can smile too. (o:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Getting ready to go to Trunk or Treat at the church. The kids made their own costumes. Joseph was an AMC Pacer car, Spencer was a computer...well, he was actually Windows XP...Connor had a railroad crossing gate on his back and Elizabeth was cute with bwoo hair and her outfit my mom sent.
At first she didn't know what to think of it all, but when the candy started coming...she more than happy to participate!
Joseph and Connor doing the penny throw.
Spencer fishing.
After the party, we went to Walgreens to show Daddy the costumes and the loot accumulated. It was a total bummer that he had to work, but fun getting to go see him. (And Mike at the register had candy for cute trick or treaters.)

We also carved a pumpkin (had to wait for Halloween day cause if you carve one too soon, the raccoons eat them) and we also baked a Halloween cake for dessert! I do believe I can now declare...another successful Halloween!