Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Spencer! #8!!

This silly boy turned 8 today. He has had a great day! In this picture he is showing off the printing calculator that he got from G&G Anderson and the digital camera he got from us and G&G Nelson. He also got a train simulator game from us...he's been locked in the bedroom on the computer all afternoon. He said he is sooooo happy because he got the things he really wanted. I asked him if he was sooooo excited because he's going to get baptized...he said he was only some excited because it's not for another month and that he will get sooooo excited when time is closer. Funny kid.

So, Happy Birthday, Peppo! We love you!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just a Little Cutie

I can not believe that she is getting so grown up! She's gonna be 15 months old!~Funny thing is...she is just barely 20 pounds. She's tiny...but still growing up. She says please and thank you...she plays with her brothers toys and plays dolls with her Mommy. She loves to sit on her Daddy's lap and play with his watch. And when Daddy comes home from work, as soon as he walks through the door, she says, "Hi Daddy!"

Tomorrow Spencer turns 8! Why does time have to go by so quickly???

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yesterday...after I went to the dentist to get my root canal finished up...we all went over to Travis's parents house and got started on digging up the old garden and also help do some pruning etc. We are excited to get started on our garden again this year. Since Elizabeth was so small last year we didn't do much, but this year we have big plans. Here are a few pictures of what we did. We all came home pooped out! That's a great feeling!
Connor has still been suffering from an earache lately, so I gave him my ear warmer thing to wear outside.
Little Miss having a break from all her hard work of...walking in the grass! It was kind of tall grass and she's not a super-pro with the whole shoe walking thing this was a well deserved break. (o:
Travis's folks have a giant old bush/tree/bunch of random shoots of bush/tree that is all bunched up in a big corner of their yard. It's dying from the inside out, so Travis started cutting and pulling out all the dead wood. The kids helped stack it all up in a pile. They (meaning Travis and our sons) are planning to made a little clubhouse in the middle of the bush/tree thingy.
Connor picked Mommy some 'flowers'.
I ended up digging about 3/4 of the garden myself while the others worked on the bush/tree thingy.
Joseph lookin' cool.
Here we were just getting started.
And here it is finished. We are going to let it dry out a bit and then we will have the kids help gather rocks and the big clumps of grass/weeds then we will add the fertilizer and stuff to it before we plant.
So...that's a good summary of what we did yesterday. I'm so glad it didn't rain. It was a gorgeous the upper 60's. Perfect!
We'll post more pictures as we progress. We are sort of gardening novices...neither of us can remember how our parents did it when we were kids, so we are having fun learning and doing it our own way. (o:

Monday, April 12, 2010


So the last month we have been sick around here. We get over one thing just to have the next thing come on. It's been a real pain. We've been to the doctor and also just toughed it out. Oh, and then I woke up one morning with my face quadrupled in size on one side...infected tooth. I had to get an emergency root canal. That was fun! BUT...I would like to think that we are beginning to see the end of all the sickness. I have been washing everything and Lysol-ing everything in sight. I hope we can kill the germs and not be sick for a while. are a couple of things that we have done lately....
Travis and I are working to help get Dick Muri elected for Congress to replace our current Rep. who is a schmuck! We really like Dick. I went to one of his meet and greet type meetings. It was great. The guy on the right is Dick and the guy on the left is Kirby Wilbur of talk radio fame. Travis had to work and was very jealous of me for being there. But wait...where were all the kids if I was at the meeting and Travis was at work???.......Well, they were..... a party! Jake..the little boy that I watch on Mondays...turned 5 and had a little party at his house. He only invited our boys. They had an absolute blast!
Here they are at the party with Jake's dad. They were really sad to leave the party. I swear, Ellie (Jakes mom), got my kids more stuff than we gave Jake! She went above and beyond.

One sunny day we decided to go hiking at Discovery park. It was beautiful and we had a wonderful day enjoying nature.
Lastly...Elizabeth has decided that her favorite song is "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". She can barely speak, but she can sing that song. It's super cute and we are determined to one day catch it on video. This picture is of her intently watching The Wiggles sing her favorite song.
Isn't she a cutie?