Monday, April 12, 2010


So the last month we have been sick around here. We get over one thing just to have the next thing come on. It's been a real pain. We've been to the doctor and also just toughed it out. Oh, and then I woke up one morning with my face quadrupled in size on one side...infected tooth. I had to get an emergency root canal. That was fun! BUT...I would like to think that we are beginning to see the end of all the sickness. I have been washing everything and Lysol-ing everything in sight. I hope we can kill the germs and not be sick for a while. are a couple of things that we have done lately....
Travis and I are working to help get Dick Muri elected for Congress to replace our current Rep. who is a schmuck! We really like Dick. I went to one of his meet and greet type meetings. It was great. The guy on the right is Dick and the guy on the left is Kirby Wilbur of talk radio fame. Travis had to work and was very jealous of me for being there. But wait...where were all the kids if I was at the meeting and Travis was at work???.......Well, they were..... a party! Jake..the little boy that I watch on Mondays...turned 5 and had a little party at his house. He only invited our boys. They had an absolute blast!
Here they are at the party with Jake's dad. They were really sad to leave the party. I swear, Ellie (Jakes mom), got my kids more stuff than we gave Jake! She went above and beyond.

One sunny day we decided to go hiking at Discovery park. It was beautiful and we had a wonderful day enjoying nature.
Lastly...Elizabeth has decided that her favorite song is "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". She can barely speak, but she can sing that song. It's super cute and we are determined to one day catch it on video. This picture is of her intently watching The Wiggles sing her favorite song.
Isn't she a cutie?


mrs. olson said...

That stinks you've been so sick. We're right there with you. I hate getting one thing after another. Elizabeth is looking so old! I can't believe it. Time flies when you move away, huh?

Dawn said...

And you, Mrs. Olson, look like you are going to pop! (o: I say you've changed the most since you left. (o:

Jamie said...

I want the family picture can you email it to it way to cute and it's will not get big thanks