Thursday, July 25, 2013

A bunch of pictures....

Homework, homework, homework! I love studying outside and using the color purple! 
My study buddy! 
The giant toothbrushes and tooth I made for Travis to use at work. Their store won the contest! I'm so proud to have been able to help them.
Cutest kids in town! 
They were all playing their Nintendo 3ds's together. 
I got a couple of super cute chairs on clearance at Wal-Mart. 
The stylish way Izdet goes shopping! 

Friday, July 19, 2013


 A couple of pictures of recent happenin's...
At Walgreen's, they have a thing called Saturdate on certain Saturday's of the month. Travis is in charge of the cos area and in helping them with their table. They sell special things and have nifty coupons etc. The contest is for the best looking table area. Travis had an idea for last months. They were selling fancy toothpaste, so I made giant toothbrushes and a giant tooth. I'll post later if they won. It was fun to do.  
"Mommy, I so fancy. Take my picture." 
  Playing on her "camera" wearing her snazzy Angry Bird blanket and showing her Lalaloopsy doll how it's done. 
This girl cracks me up! She did her own hair and was playing monter frucks (as she calls them).
That's just a little snapshot of us lately. 

Monday, July 8, 2013


Besides the 4th celebration, here are some of the things that we are doing...
I went to the doctor before the 4th...they made me wear a mask. Everyone is at about 75% better now...except Spencer...our hold out...he's freshly sick.

I've started my college classes. I did homework outside in the sun. Okay, I tried to do homework in the sun. I ended up putting my head back and falling asleep. At least I got my vitamin D!
 Connor is now obsessed with the movie Twister and all things tornado. Here is his first attempt at making a sensor like in the movie. He actually cut pop cans up!
Izdet wanted me to take a picture of her seeds...
...and when I put make up on, she wanted some on too...and insisted on a picture. (no, she does not believe in clothing)
Today I mowed the front yard. Took forever cause we have a really big front yard, but I enjoyed it! Normally that is Travis's job, but since everyone has been so sick for so long, the poor yard was looking like a jungle. Half way through mowing I got a text from Travis that said, "Don't forget I have tomorrow off, so I can finally mow the lawn!" Oops!
I over cooked the toast, so I set it outside for our daily raccoon visitor...but a seagull came along and claimed it first.

The 4th

 The 4th this year was really, really low key. Spencer woke up sick as a dog. Everyone else was still in the middle of healing from our plague, so we kept it small but fun.
We left Spencer at home and drove to the fireworks tent and got a few things to blow up. (yes, she has shoes on her hands cause she's a horse and horses have four shoes on their four feet!) 
We got snakes for our Little Miss, so she insisted on carrying the bag...cause it had snakes in it.  
A morning selfie of the two girls. 
Izdet wore big ole headphones to block out the noise.  
 Joseph videoed everything that went on, even when it was dark! He loves his camera!
It was a fun day and night. We didn't bbq, but had a yummy lunch. We baked a birthday cake for our country's birthday celebration and pigged out on potato salad. Hopefully next year everyone will be healthy and we can totally party, cause having bigger kids to do fireworks with is kinda fun!