Friday, July 19, 2013


 A couple of pictures of recent happenin's...
At Walgreen's, they have a thing called Saturdate on certain Saturday's of the month. Travis is in charge of the cos area and in helping them with their table. They sell special things and have nifty coupons etc. The contest is for the best looking table area. Travis had an idea for last months. They were selling fancy toothpaste, so I made giant toothbrushes and a giant tooth. I'll post later if they won. It was fun to do.  
"Mommy, I so fancy. Take my picture." 
  Playing on her "camera" wearing her snazzy Angry Bird blanket and showing her Lalaloopsy doll how it's done. 
This girl cracks me up! She did her own hair and was playing monter frucks (as she calls them).
That's just a little snapshot of us lately. 

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