Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I took some pictures of the kids for Christmas cards and gifts etc. Here are the group photos.

Actually...this was taken for my mom. She bought us all Mariner sweatshirts and asked us to take a family photo with it for her.

This is their card. Super cool!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I suspected Spencer might need glasses this summer, but didn't pursue it because he didn't complain. Then about 2 weeks ago his Primary teacher mentioned that he couldn't see the posters that the music teacher was holding up during music time...then...he got a big old fat sty in his eye. I remember before I got my glasses that I had a lot of sty's...so I called Walmart Vision Center and asked how much it would cost for him to see the eye doctor and get glasses. (cause our insurance for the kids doesn't kick in until January) I made him an appt and off we all went. Travis went in with him to see the doctor while the rest of us wandered Walmart. Then, I went and helped pick out frames. He fell in love with these blue frames! He tried them on and did not want to take them off. We explained that the frames wouldn't help him see and they had to order lenses for the frames. He asked me to take a picture to help him remember what he looked like until he got his glasses. (they are supposed to be in on the 14th) It cost us less than $150 for the whole shebang, so I won't complain too loudly. It's unfortunate that it happened at Christmas time, but I would rather get zero presents for Christmas if it meant that my brilliant little boy could see. He was so thrilled to be able to see clearly. I sure do love this little 9 year old boy!

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Grand Tour...

We had our 6 month inspection the other day, so our house had to be in pretty good order. Since it looked fairly decent, I thought I would snap some pictures for my mom and sisters who all wanted to see the whole house. I thought I would post them here too so that I have a record of the house being clean once. hahaha. I LOVE this house! It's old and kinda small and very quirky and I love it, love it, love it!!! I see some of the big gorgeous houses that my friends and family have and I get maybe a small tinge of jealousy, but then at night when I am putting the kids to bed and hanging out on the couch watching movies with my honey...I feel such a peace. This little house is for us. We are a quirky and goofy family with lots and lots of imperfections...but we are loving and give of what we have...just like our little house. I really hope we don't have to move anytime soon. That would make me very sad. But...until then...I will love and enjoy the little house on the bluffs!
Our bedroom. The big wall behind the bed is blank! So I didn't take a picture of it. I can't decide what I want to put there...
Joseph and Spencer's room.
Elizabeth and Connor's room. (and their totally ghetto window covering until I can figure out what I want to put up there. I reallllly wish I had my sewing machine these days!
The hallway. All the bedrooms, main bathroom, and pantry closet are in this hallway.
This is the original living room. We call it the small side or the computer side. We really really love that wood stove! Hot chocolate just tastes better when the water is heated on the top of the stove!
The kitchen is on my left. I love the openness of the place. Sooo much room!
This is in the big living room. It used to be the garage. I'm so happy we have the big living room and not a garage. This room is where we are always at!
The big living room again. We seriously need a big old recliner. More chairs anyway. It's so nice that we have to room to be able to say that!
The front door. Come on in! Notice the curtains in the window on the right. We have to gather them up like that when we turn the baseboard heater. If I had a sewing machine...I'd most likely hem the things up a bit...but...alas...we settle and are happy we have what we have.

The kitchen. The window makes me happy. I love being able look out the window at the birds and the kids when they play.

So...that is it. That is what we live in. I can not thank my Heavenly Father enough for helping us to get into this house and for blessing us with all that we have.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Movie Debut

Our kids are so funny! Yesterday, after church, they decided to go out and slide down the little hill that leads into the forest next to our house. They used the toy tub that Elizabeth had dumped out...they nearly killed themselves a few times, but they had lots of fun. After the filming, Spencer took on the task of editing and making it into a movie suitable for Youtube. It's not really a movie...except for the fancy credits at the end...but it is funny to see what the kids do when the parents aren't present. Joseph kinda stuttered along cause he said he didn't have a script. It made us smile, so we will share the link and you can smile too. (o: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xIqfyFBgBk

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Getting ready to go to Trunk or Treat at the church. The kids made their own costumes. Joseph was an AMC Pacer car, Spencer was a computer...well, he was actually Windows XP...Connor had a railroad crossing gate on his back and Elizabeth was cute with bwoo hair and her outfit my mom sent.
At first she didn't know what to think of it all, but when the candy started coming...she more than happy to participate!
Joseph and Connor doing the penny throw.
Spencer fishing.
After the party, we went to Walgreens to show Daddy the costumes and the loot accumulated. It was a total bummer that he had to work, but fun getting to go see him. (And Mike at the register had candy for cute trick or treaters.)

We also carved a pumpkin (had to wait for Halloween day cause if you carve one too soon, the raccoons eat them) and we also baked a Halloween cake for dessert! I do believe I can now declare...another successful Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Love Affair...

...with my Nook! I joke that my best friend after Travis is my Nook Color. (and also my original Nook...but I loaned that out, so at the moment it's just me and my Nook Color) I've considered giving it a name, but I'm not really that kind of person. All I know is that I am positive that I would be lost without it. I currently have 261 books. (and 125 magazines---thanks to their free 2 week trial on all magazines!) A very large portion are free e-books that I have acquired..the classics and B&N's free Friday books...but there are some that I have bought and have read over and over and over. Here are a couple of my favorite reads lately.

Okay...I haven't read this one yet...I'm eagerly awaiting it's release in 11 days...but I love all the other books in the Inheritance Cycle and own them all on my Nook.
These books have been my mental saving grace. There is something about these books that make me feel happy and safe and smarter. I don't know what it is. They aren't about magic or really fantasy...they take place in the 1300's and they are totally teenage boy books...but I have learned so much and have fallen in love with the characters. There are 10 books in this series...I own them all and have just finished reading them for the second time. I think they have replaced my Harry Potter books for now, because I can have them on my Nook and read them much more conveniently. They are easy reads, but very entertaining and like I said...they make me happy!
Anything by Rick Riordan is a good read. My boys loved the Percy Jackson movie. I love....love...love Greek mythology....I even took a class my senior year in High School called...Greek and Roman Mythology. You know what else I've always loved? Egyptian history, archaeology...all that good stuff...and guess what? Mr. Riordan the Great also has a new series (yes, I have both books) that are like the Percy Jackson books, only it involves Egyptian stuff. Awesome!

I have also recently read Pride and Prejudice, The Secret Garden and Swiss Family Robinson. I have sooooooo many books that I haven't even begun to read...but will eventually. I feel sad for books that don't get read.

Oh, and I have a couple of these books too...for read aloud time at night. The kids love Judy Moody, and the Magic Treehouse...Plus I have some great interactive books for Elizabeth. And I even subscribe to the Smithsonian magazine!

Yep...I LOVE my Nook. That's all I have to say...well, no, I could go on and on and on and on...as most of you know me would agree...But, I will say no more. I think I'm gonna go re-read the third Inheritance cycle book in preparation for my newest book. Or browse for a new freebie! Woo hooooooooo!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

She Cracks Me Up!

It's raining...
She's wearing my shoes...
She has no pants on...
Her legs are green...
She's as happy as a clam...
She's absolutely adorable...
This little girl cracks me up. She brings so much joy to our home. She brings out a sparkle in her daddy's eye that no one else can. She is the cherry on top!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Visit with Aunt Tracey

Last weekend we drove over to Renton to visit Travis's parents. His oldest sister, Tracey came up from Vancouver. Tracey has ovarian cancer. She just finished her last round of chemo, so we got together to celebrate that event. It was a good little visit. Tracey is an amazing person. She has such a positive way about her, despite what she has been facing.
Connor charmed the pants off Aunt Tracey.
Elizabeth actually let Tracey hold her a couple of times...briefly.
The oldest and the youngest together.
We had his mom take a group photo...photography isn't her strong suit. (o;
Spencer is such a goof!
I told the kids to look cute for me...this is what I got...cuteness!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cause They Are So Cute!

I took the kids to church today by myself because Travis had to work. They all looked so cute! When we got home, I told them to go stand by the house because I wanted to get a picture with my phone. Spencer kept trying to NOT pull a face...therefore pulling a face... And I LOVE how Spencer and Connor are holding hands...and that Joseph is helping Elizabeth stay steady on the log she was standing on. I LOVE MY KIDS!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Happy 7th birthday to my little sweetie!

Connor is one of the kindest, sweetest, funniest little boys I know! He loves sponges and toilet floats and smoke detectors. He loves doing laundry and riding his bike. He is a joy to us and I'm so happy that he is ours!!! We love you, buddy!

*Connor...birth name. Condor...nickname, silly. Conrad...Grandma Teese's nickname for him. Kohwoh....What Elizabeth calls him.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


that's what she calls herself...Izdet...it's really cute...and I don't want to ever forget.


Travis finished his classes for Walgreens and is now officially an Executive Assistant Manager! Woot woot! I am so super proud of him! He has worked for a long time to get this. They moved us clear over here, then he took the classes (three-three day sessions over four months time), now he has completed the class and his promotion is official and we will finally get the stinkin' raise. (o: It's been tough out here living in a house with extra expenses...only having his mgt wages. This is such a blessing!

So a big thank you to everyone who prayed for us and gave us encouragement. It's been a good week!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yesterday my oldest baby turned ELEVEN years old!!!! I am not old enough to have a child that old...although...some of my friends that got married the same time as me now have 16 year olds...but that's their problem. (o; I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. I am so proud of the person that Joseph is. He is very kind hearted, thoughtful, creative, eager to please...all wrapped up...with a short fused temper like both his parents to make him complete. (o:

Joseph is our miracle child. He came as I was beginning to sink into a pit of despair...seriously. over 5 years and no child, I felt that my life would never be complete. And then along came Joseph. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for sending him to me...all of them, of course, but Joseph was the beginning. So, here I am...the mom of a tween boy who eats everything! I'm pretty proud!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Do-Over

I haven't blogged for a long time. I keep thinking it has to be a big long story every time...with pictures. But, my current blog reading frenzy that I have gone on has shown me that short and sweet is fine...and good. So...that is what I will do. Because I love looking back on my blog at the things we did and said.

So...in the spirit of do-over's that have been very important to me lately...I begin again.

Today is my birthday. I'm getting old. 37. I don't feel old though...and Travis will be 40 in eleven days. That's old. Well...until I get there. Then it won't be. I think. Although last night Travis and I sat down to read after the kids went to bed. He handed me his Kindle and said, "You might find this interesting." Then he laid down on the floor to wait for me to finish...but he never made it that far. He began to snore. I finished the article, put down the Kindle, picked up my Nook, began to read...the next thing I know...it's an hour and a half later...Travis is asleep on the floor...I have drool on my chin and my neck has a crick cause I fell asleep in the chair...

Maybe we are getting old.

Anyway...Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, July 18, 2011

What's Been Goin' On?

We have been...
Continually enjoying the beautiful scenery that is our back yard....
Finding awesome little visitors in our back yard...
Being too excited about the 4th of July, so having to light off just a few smoke balls right after church on the 3rd...(look at my cute husband having fun with my cute boys!)
Going to the church flag ceremony/pancake breakfast on the 4th....
And just having fun!

We all have our problems, but as long as we stick together as a family, we can do anything!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Salt Creek Park and Camp Hayden

Last Thursday Travis had the day off so we headed out to explore some more of the many awesome places around our new home. This time we went to Salt Creek County Park. It was built on an old Army fort. The bunkers are still there. It was super cool. We wished we would have seen some gray whales. When they pass through the Strait they are very visible apparently. We didn't get to see any, but the view was breathtaking anyway.
We didn't camp, but we hit as much of the rest as we could. We had all day and lots of sunshine.
I love my family! Right after we took this picture, a deer trotted by. I abso-freakin-lutely love living here!
I am so proud to be the mother of these beautiful children!
We hiked down to see the tide pools on Tongue Point. The tide was a couple hours past from the lowest tide of the morning, so we didn't get to see a whole ton of aquatic life, but we did get to walk on the cool rocks and see the Strait. Gorgeous!
Boys were cautious but had a blast.
Daddy rescued Lizbet from going off an edge into a big old tide pool.

We ate a picnic lunch and then the kids played on this huge structure for a while.
Bombs at the Camp Hayden bunker. Big suckers!