Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Getting ready to go to Trunk or Treat at the church. The kids made their own costumes. Joseph was an AMC Pacer car, Spencer was a computer...well, he was actually Windows XP...Connor had a railroad crossing gate on his back and Elizabeth was cute with bwoo hair and her outfit my mom sent.
At first she didn't know what to think of it all, but when the candy started coming...she more than happy to participate!
Joseph and Connor doing the penny throw.
Spencer fishing.
After the party, we went to Walgreens to show Daddy the costumes and the loot accumulated. It was a total bummer that he had to work, but fun getting to go see him. (And Mike at the register had candy for cute trick or treaters.)

We also carved a pumpkin (had to wait for Halloween day cause if you carve one too soon, the raccoons eat them) and we also baked a Halloween cake for dessert! I do believe I can now declare...another successful Halloween!

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mrs. olson said...

So fun! I love your kids' creativity!!