Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas in Pictures

Because I am too lazy at the moment to write a whole bunch about our fabulous Christmas...I thought I could post some pictures..they speak for themselves! Enjoy!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Update for the week

So...Travis's mom went to her home after staying with us for 6 days. Poor lady was so sick, but I do believe she is recovering at a normal pace. Travis will be taking her to her doctor appointment this afternoon, so we will find out how it is healing. I remember (almost 25 years ago) when my right hand was in a cast was very difficult to function. She is left handed and it was her left hand that was repaired, so she is having to learn how to do everything wrong handed.

Not much else to really report. We've been taking care of Travis's parents, doing school, and getting started (finally) on the Christmas decor. The kids have such a great spirit about the holiday's quite catching!

My old, trusty cell phone died on me, so we went and got a new phone. We just do prepaid and only use the phones for texting, so I didn't care to have a fancy one, but since I last bought a phone (4 years ago) has really taken off and a camera flip phone isn't a billion dollars anymore. So, that is what I got. So, below is a picture of my sleeping baby...taken by my little phone. She looked so sweet and innocent, I couldn't resist.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

So Thanksgiving was nice and quiet. We all stayed at home and enjoyed the turkey with ourselves. (o: Travis's dad had shingles and was too sick to do anything, so Travis took a bag of food over to them that afternoon.

Then..this Tuesday, Travis's mom had surgery on her hand. He took her to the hospital and stayed with her until she was ready to come home. Then, he brought her home to our house because his dad is still sick with the shingles and not really well enough to take care of himself and mom. She's going to stay with us for a few days and then we will see what happens.

Travis took this with his cell phone. She was pretty out of it then.
The kids have been very concerned about Grandma. Connor snuggled up to her the whole first night she was here.
Good old drugs had his mom knocked on her butt...and when she was awake, she was hallucinating. Here we have his mom drugged and Little Miss looking like she was drugged! (o: