Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Think I'm Getting Old!

This is how I feel today. Last night we were supposed to work from 7-11:30. I ended up not getting home until 3am. Travis had to get up at 4am to get to work by 5. I came home, closed the doors so I wouldn't wake anyone, then sat on the couch and read a book until Travis got up. Once he left I went to bed until Connor got up at 7. I very well remember the days when we drove from Provo to St. Louis straight through non-stop at Christmas times. (and the day before I had driven from Rexburg to Provo) I wouldn't sleep for close to 48 hours, get home, sleep a couple hours and be good. That seems like a very, very long time ago. Wanna know the best part? I get to go back to work again tonight! I am pretty sure it won't take that long again tonight, but can't make a guarantee because even though we knew last night would be a big set, we didn't know people were going to call out sick. Just the name of the game I guess. (o:
I wanted to write about some stuff, but at the moment I can't quite get my brain to do what I want so I will have to come back another time. I just wanted to document the fact that I think I am getting old. Staying up all night just doesn't have that draw that it used to. I'm still a night owl, but I'm beginning to sound like a grandma~my bed looks so comfy. I'd like to sleep in it for about 23 hours. That and watch The Price Is Right. (o:

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Forgot!

I totally forgot to mention Connor's first talk on Sunday. He spoke on his family and how he has Heavenly parents and earthly parents and how he can show obedience. It was sooo super cute! I don't think many people understood much of what he said, but he was so excited to get up and talk in the microphone to all the people. He actually thought he was going to get to say the prayer too and started to pray as soon as he got up there. I had to kinda veer him towards his talk. I think one of the greatest things that our church can do for children is this. I was always eager to give talks in church when I was a kid. It really helped me gain confidence as I grew. It makes me proud to see that none of my boys are afraid to get up and speak in front of people.

In other news, Joseph is working towards earning money for a Lego car wash that he really wants. It's $40! (so far he has $11) He has been doing extra work for me and going over to his grandparents and doing extra work for them, like sweeping out their garage, picking up weeds etc. We have been trying to make sure that he understands that he does not get paid for everything he does, and that he should do most things just for being kind. We think he understands that. He has been trying to think of other ways to earn some money. Wiggling his teeth to see if any are loose, asking to open a lemonade stand. He has even thought of selling some of his pictures. So if anyone is in the market for pictures of car washes, we have about a billion of them. Spencer is also earning and saving money, but he just likes to have it to count. He says he would sell his pictures too, but he's not as eager to give them up as Joseph. He takes so long to draw them because he is so detail oriented. Here is a sample of Spencer's latest creation. I have a picture of it because he drew it for his grandma at her house and she wouldn't let me keep it, so I snapped a picture of it. Pretty amazing for a 6 year old!
Anyway, that's all I have to say. I work tomorrow and Saturday then I have a week off! The pocketbook won't like that, but I sure will. I can't wait to have an evening with my husband for once. Will be nice! (o:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. We had lots of fun playing at Grandma's house.
Grandma Deone's Rhododendron.
Travis caught this frog for the boys to look at.
Here they are putting the frog back in the tree.
Connor carried that bus book everywhere the entire day!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Nelsonian

Just for fun I put that new title up there. It will not stay because it's too big in my opinion and kinda ghetto, but I wanted to show where the name of our blog came from. We were driving by this apartment complex in West Seattle and Travis saw the sign. We liked it so well we stole the name. (o:

So, I want to encourage everyone to please keep on shopping at Kohl's for all of your needs and wants too. BUT~I have to say that work is crazy busy lately. Travis comes home with sweat rings on his nice shirts from running around so much. I am working 8 days in two weeks. Usually it's no more than 3 a week~tops, but not right now. Apparently, Memorial Day is the day that begins everyones fun in the sun and vacations and all that good stuff that requires them to go shopping to purchase all new fun in the sun stuff. We do not do this because we can't afford to, but it seems like the rest of the state does. Even though today it is only 52 degrees out and rainy. (it was 90 degrees a few days ago here) So, it's job security for us when all of you go out and buy all of your fun in the sun stuff. Keep it up! Thanks (o:

Monday, May 19, 2008


Travis just said to me the other day, sometimes we have to stop, take a step back, and then hit the reset button on things. That's how I have been lately. My latest reset is with family home evening. We aren't so great at getting it done. One of many reasons is Travis closes alot on Monday nights. Last week I decided that I needed to take away excuses and just do it. So, since Joseph and Spencer both are taught from the same lesson manual on Sundays, I pulled up their upcoming lesson off Then, I chose a story from it and gave just a very brief overview of the lesson. Just fifteen minutes tops from the lesson. Then we practiced a new primary song and had dessert. Yesterday, all the boys teachers said that they were very good in their classes. We got in the car and Joseph and Spencer were very excited to tell me that both their teachers told them the same story that I had told them at family home evening! They thought it was so cool. So, tonight I gave them a little mini lesson and we played a suggested game from the lesson manual for the lesson they will be having on the 25th. I told them that they may be hearing some of the same things on Sunday in their classes and that I wanted them to listen carefully for the similarities. They promised they would. I'm glad I stopped and hit that reset button and started doing this again because not only are we benefiting as a family from the time together, but the boys are being better behaved and getting more on Sundays in their primary classes. (and I'm hoping participating more too)

Oh and also, Connor is giving his first talk Sunday in Primary. My little 3 year old! I love watching how confident they are going up and speaking in the microphone. He's already told me he was going to do a good job. So cute. A few weeks ago Joseph had been doing Nephi 3:7 for his copy work for school, so it was marked in his Book of Mormon. (They also have part of that scripture memorized and Nephi is Joseph's very favorite.) Joseph got very angry and upset when he got to Primary and found out that he was not going to get to go up and read the scripture out loud in opening exercises. (no one told him he was going to, he just decided he wanted to) He really wanted to read it. His teacher was really sweet and had him read it to the class later. I just am so grateful that our boys are not afraid to go up and speak and read in front of crowds. (another one of those things that prove people wrong who thought my homeschooled kids were going to be social retards) (o: I am a very proud parent tonight. Who would have thought that I would have these words to write just 9 years ago when I was told I had less than a 5% chance of ever having a child?! Life is good today. (o:

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Here are a couple of cute pictures! The bottom one is of the boys at the new Target in Renton. We went with Grandma Deone and had lots of fun checking out the cool new store. This top picture is of Connor today after church. They talked about being thankful for their ears~I think. That's what he said and that's what it looks like. I was just glad I had the camera in my purse. Isn't that just the cutest?!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A couple of old pictures

We were playing with the scanner and scanned a couple of pictures. I figure since they are on the computer I would share them. The baby is my little Travee (o: and then of course our wedding picture. I swear we look like we are about 12 years old! Notice Travis had a big old pumpkin head even when he was a baby? He takes great pride in the fact that our kids inherited their big old pumpkin heads from him. Actually, he likes to blame his mom. Cute no matter what!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just a real quick update on Connor. His x-rays and bloodwork all came back normal, so we are now going to start looking into either a food allergy or a sensitivity. No one in our family has any serious food allergies that I know of. Well, strike that, David is lactose intolerant. Doesn't that make him toot alot? (o: Seriously though, that was one of the few that the doc was pretty sure he didn't have. Probably something more intricate like sensitivity to processed foods or additives. Yippee! We'll start sounding like the Jones family, eh Shauna? (o:

That's it for now. I don't have to work tonight. It's a strange week. I only have to work Wednesday. Next week it's four days though, so it gets made up in the end.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and Joseph

So, yesterday was Mother's Day. I should have blogged like most of my more with-it family and friends and paid tribute to my mother, but I was busy getting honored and all. (o: Travis let me sleep in while he fixed the boys breakfast and had them help straighten up the living room and get it ready for the day. Saturday night they made me cards and the other day I got to pick out some awesome rose scented lotion and hand soap from my guys. Plus a really cute toll painted welcome sign for my front door. The reason I got those things early is because I had put up the sale price signs the day before and knew that they weren't going to be on sale right before mother's day, so we went and got them early to get the good deals. Ah, the beauty of working adset for Kohl's. I know all the great sales jewelry, accessories and socks, cosmetics and fragrances, and Juniors, cause that's where I sign. (I get very distracted in the cologne area. I'm always stopping to sniff all of my favorites and the new scents.)

Anyway, I hope everyone had a fabulous mom's day! I wish that my mom could have been here so that I could have honored her. She is the worlds greatest. (if you don't believe me, check Jamie's blog, she says the same thing) I am what I am because of her influence and love. I know no one else in this world that has more unconditional love for not only her family, but also for pretty much every other living being on this earth. She is amazing.

Travis's parents came over for dinner. He and his dad "cooked" for us by providing rotisserie chickens from Fred Meyer and salad in a bag. (o: I whipped up a batch of instant mashed potatoes and gravy and we steamed a pan of broccoli for the kids cause if we don't have broccoli with every meal I have a 3 child mutiny on my hands. I also made a pineapple upside down cake for dessert and his mom brought cookies. It was a fantastic feast! I have a pretty great mother-in-law too. (She really does a good job at helping fill the giant gaping void that my mom leaves by living in Atlanta!) Travis's parents took me in and treat me like a daughter. I even call them mom and dad.

Now, that covers yesterday. First of all, I will respond to lots of responses I have gotten about Joseph's back. Yes, he is missing a vertebra. It is in the lower part of his spine. The funny thing is, Travis's dad has an extra one and that caused him to not be able to play a lot of sports etc. when he was young. When Joseph was born he was crooked. They kept him in observation because his back was crooked. Then, just like some invisible hands came and helped straighten him out, he did just that while the doctors were holding him trying to figure out what their next step was. They kept coming in and checking on him while I was in the hospital and he was straight every time. They said in all their many years of being pediatricians, they had never seen that happen before. So, when they caught his missing vertebra a couple of years ago, we weren't surprised. There is a possibility of him having some back problems when he gets older, but they said that the better he takes care of himself while young (ie. no getting beat up in sports), the better quality of life he will have when he is older. Like I said, he doesn't seem to miss out on it, and believe me, he would let me know if he did. We suggested that he might consider taking up swimming, but he's not too fond of heights or water. (thanks Grandma Teese) So, we'll just go with the survival swimming for now and maybe if he doesn't like running he'll take to swimming some day.

Secondly, I took Connor into the doctor today because he keeps having these days where he is perfectly normal when he gets up and then all of the sudden he is sick. He throws up for hours until he has nothing left, sleeps a while, and then is back to himself. We have been watching it now for a while and we can't put our finger on a common denominator. The doctor was baffled as well, so today we went in and had lots of blood drawn and they also took an x-ray of his tummy to make sure there wasn't anything in there blocking or causing troubles. He said some kids just have a more sensitive tummy, but we want to rule all things out. I'll keep you updated on what they say. Doctor Christopher is supposed to call tomorrow morning. Can I just say that the nurses were really impressed by Connor because when she put the needle in his arm to take the vials of blood he didn't even flinch. Then nurse Anne sang the ABC's and Twinkle Little Star to distract him and he sang along! Then when he went in for the x-ray he had to wear a little hospital gown. He was naked under it. Most people are concerned about their bums showing, but not Connor. He was showing it to everyone.

Phew! Long post. That's all for now. Thanks for reading and have a super day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Some Odds and Ends

Here are just a few random pictures that I thought I would share. I have nothing really new to report. For my dad's sake~Dad, I am reading "The Screwtape Letters", and I got "Eldest" for an early mother's day gift. (o:

Here is Travis and his big wood. *grin* (o; I took this picture because I was totally impressed by his strength and ability to move such big wood.
Here are the boys at Joseph's favorite place in the world. The Brown Bear Car Wash.

We went out for a drive and stopped at a Wendy's and got burgers. We were just going to stop and eat in the car when Travis saw this little league game. We just got out and joined the group. The boys really enjoyed watching it. Since Joseph is missing a vertebra his spine isn't as strong as a normal person so the doctor discouraged most sports. He recommended running and racing for Joseph. So, we don't do t-ball or soccer~but Joseph has never cared. His only regret when the doctor told him was that he really wanted to play football when he got older. The doctor said especially not football. So, even though he can't play, we enjoy showing them the sports. I think Joseph is going to be a really great long distance runner some day. He has lots of energy and really really long legs!
If you ever come to Seattle you have to go to Dick's Drive-In. They are a Seattle icon. They sell greasy delicious burgers and fries for a reasonable price. We had just heard that Dick's had changed their oil that they cook their fries in. We had to go try out the new trans fat-free fries. We think they taste better. Here is the link to the story about the big oil change. (o:

I don't know why I'm including this~just a picture of me in the morning that Travis took. Nice big zit on the chin and all. (o:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I have failed to put down any of the books that we have been reading lately. The current one that we are reading together is called Mr. Lincoln's T-Mails. It is fascinating. All about that new invention, the telegraph and how Lincoln used it to help win the Civil War. It's not a long book and fairly easy reading, especially if you know much about the civil war (or are kinda fanatics like at our house)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Meet Bert!

Yesterday we went to Petco and got Bert. He is a real cutie! He has whorls (or rosettes) and is black and white. They say the Abyssinian guinea pigs can have 5-10 rosettes. I haven't counted how many Bert has yet, but will have to do that sometime. He is a very easy going little guy and he and Fluffy have already begun talking to each other in their aquariums.
He really is as soft as he looks.
I love his cute little pink feet!

And, of course, here is Spencer's birthday cake!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Spencers Birthday

Our little Spencer is 6 years old! I can not believe how fast time has flown by. His birthday was actually on Wednesday, but we were too busy for me to stop and post a blog, so here we are. Plus, we are having a little shindig today for him, so his birthday has been extended. Wednesday we got up and he got to open his presents. Then we all went out (Travis and I both had the day off) and bought an inkjet printer for the computer in the classroom so that Spencer can print all of his "work" that he does. He loves to design maps and street lights and stop lights on Excel, but we didn't have a printer to print them since it is our old spare computer. So Grandma Teese sent some money and we got a very inexpensive little printer for him. He loves it!
After our trip to Wal-Mart, he wanted to drive around Seattle and take pictures of street lights and stop lights for his work. (he crops pieces of pictures and makes his own-I will have to post one sometime soon for you to see) We went through a drive thru for lunch and also went to a Brown Bear car wash to observe vehicles becoming shiny. (another thing for a later post. got some fun video) To top it off, we went to Alki and played in the sand for a little while.
That night we had brownies and just hung out and printed pictures. We made a book for his pictures and creations, oh, excuse me, his designs, to go into. He had a good day.

Today we are going with Grandma Deone to the pet store. She is buying him a guinea pig that has already been named......Bert......(that's the name of the guinea pig on "Charlie and Lola")

We will fill you in on the rest of the days happenings soon. Until then, here are a couple of pictures from his birthday morning.

He had lots of helpers.

His new clothes from Grandma Teese and Papa Clair.

Our family at the beach. Travis loves his little tripod he got. Lots of family pictures are a result. (o: