Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and Joseph

So, yesterday was Mother's Day. I should have blogged like most of my more with-it family and friends and paid tribute to my mother, but I was busy getting honored and all. (o: Travis let me sleep in while he fixed the boys breakfast and had them help straighten up the living room and get it ready for the day. Saturday night they made me cards and the other day I got to pick out some awesome rose scented lotion and hand soap from my guys. Plus a really cute toll painted welcome sign for my front door. The reason I got those things early is because I had put up the sale price signs the day before and knew that they weren't going to be on sale right before mother's day, so we went and got them early to get the good deals. Ah, the beauty of working adset for Kohl's. I know all the great sales jewelry, accessories and socks, cosmetics and fragrances, and Juniors, cause that's where I sign. (I get very distracted in the cologne area. I'm always stopping to sniff all of my favorites and the new scents.)

Anyway, I hope everyone had a fabulous mom's day! I wish that my mom could have been here so that I could have honored her. She is the worlds greatest. (if you don't believe me, check Jamie's blog, she says the same thing) I am what I am because of her influence and love. I know no one else in this world that has more unconditional love for not only her family, but also for pretty much every other living being on this earth. She is amazing.

Travis's parents came over for dinner. He and his dad "cooked" for us by providing rotisserie chickens from Fred Meyer and salad in a bag. (o: I whipped up a batch of instant mashed potatoes and gravy and we steamed a pan of broccoli for the kids cause if we don't have broccoli with every meal I have a 3 child mutiny on my hands. I also made a pineapple upside down cake for dessert and his mom brought cookies. It was a fantastic feast! I have a pretty great mother-in-law too. (She really does a good job at helping fill the giant gaping void that my mom leaves by living in Atlanta!) Travis's parents took me in and treat me like a daughter. I even call them mom and dad.

Now, that covers yesterday. First of all, I will respond to lots of responses I have gotten about Joseph's back. Yes, he is missing a vertebra. It is in the lower part of his spine. The funny thing is, Travis's dad has an extra one and that caused him to not be able to play a lot of sports etc. when he was young. When Joseph was born he was crooked. They kept him in observation because his back was crooked. Then, just like some invisible hands came and helped straighten him out, he did just that while the doctors were holding him trying to figure out what their next step was. They kept coming in and checking on him while I was in the hospital and he was straight every time. They said in all their many years of being pediatricians, they had never seen that happen before. So, when they caught his missing vertebra a couple of years ago, we weren't surprised. There is a possibility of him having some back problems when he gets older, but they said that the better he takes care of himself while young (ie. no getting beat up in sports), the better quality of life he will have when he is older. Like I said, he doesn't seem to miss out on it, and believe me, he would let me know if he did. We suggested that he might consider taking up swimming, but he's not too fond of heights or water. (thanks Grandma Teese) So, we'll just go with the survival swimming for now and maybe if he doesn't like running he'll take to swimming some day.

Secondly, I took Connor into the doctor today because he keeps having these days where he is perfectly normal when he gets up and then all of the sudden he is sick. He throws up for hours until he has nothing left, sleeps a while, and then is back to himself. We have been watching it now for a while and we can't put our finger on a common denominator. The doctor was baffled as well, so today we went in and had lots of blood drawn and they also took an x-ray of his tummy to make sure there wasn't anything in there blocking or causing troubles. He said some kids just have a more sensitive tummy, but we want to rule all things out. I'll keep you updated on what they say. Doctor Christopher is supposed to call tomorrow morning. Can I just say that the nurses were really impressed by Connor because when she put the needle in his arm to take the vials of blood he didn't even flinch. Then nurse Anne sang the ABC's and Twinkle Little Star to distract him and he sang along! Then when he went in for the x-ray he had to wear a little hospital gown. He was naked under it. Most people are concerned about their bums showing, but not Connor. He was showing it to everyone.

Phew! Long post. That's all for now. Thanks for reading and have a super day!


Shauna said...

Way to be brave, Connor! Wow, you are amazing! I'm with Joseph on the heights and water--avoid them at all costs. That's why I like running. It's on solid ground the entire time. :) Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Godwin/Elmer Clan said...

Thanks for the up dates on Joseph. Please keep me posted on conner I ahte that he been sick mabe it becasue he has not got to see his Aunt Jamie.
Love you