Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Nelsonian

Just for fun I put that new title up there. It will not stay because it's too big in my opinion and kinda ghetto, but I wanted to show where the name of our blog came from. We were driving by this apartment complex in West Seattle and Travis saw the sign. We liked it so well we stole the name. (o:

So, I want to encourage everyone to please keep on shopping at Kohl's for all of your needs and wants too. BUT~I have to say that work is crazy busy lately. Travis comes home with sweat rings on his nice shirts from running around so much. I am working 8 days in two weeks. Usually it's no more than 3 a week~tops, but not right now. Apparently, Memorial Day is the day that begins everyones fun in the sun and vacations and all that good stuff that requires them to go shopping to purchase all new fun in the sun stuff. We do not do this because we can't afford to, but it seems like the rest of the state does. Even though today it is only 52 degrees out and rainy. (it was 90 degrees a few days ago here) So, it's job security for us when all of you go out and buy all of your fun in the sun stuff. Keep it up! Thanks (o:

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