Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Think I'm Getting Old!

This is how I feel today. Last night we were supposed to work from 7-11:30. I ended up not getting home until 3am. Travis had to get up at 4am to get to work by 5. I came home, closed the doors so I wouldn't wake anyone, then sat on the couch and read a book until Travis got up. Once he left I went to bed until Connor got up at 7. I very well remember the days when we drove from Provo to St. Louis straight through non-stop at Christmas times. (and the day before I had driven from Rexburg to Provo) I wouldn't sleep for close to 48 hours, get home, sleep a couple hours and be good. That seems like a very, very long time ago. Wanna know the best part? I get to go back to work again tonight! I am pretty sure it won't take that long again tonight, but can't make a guarantee because even though we knew last night would be a big set, we didn't know people were going to call out sick. Just the name of the game I guess. (o:
I wanted to write about some stuff, but at the moment I can't quite get my brain to do what I want so I will have to come back another time. I just wanted to document the fact that I think I am getting old. Staying up all night just doesn't have that draw that it used to. I'm still a night owl, but I'm beginning to sound like a grandma~my bed looks so comfy. I'd like to sleep in it for about 23 hours. That and watch The Price Is Right. (o:

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Godwin/Elmer Clan said...

Ok dawn you are not that old. I mean if your that old I am right be hind you so I think you are very young. I love you sis.