Monday, May 19, 2008


Travis just said to me the other day, sometimes we have to stop, take a step back, and then hit the reset button on things. That's how I have been lately. My latest reset is with family home evening. We aren't so great at getting it done. One of many reasons is Travis closes alot on Monday nights. Last week I decided that I needed to take away excuses and just do it. So, since Joseph and Spencer both are taught from the same lesson manual on Sundays, I pulled up their upcoming lesson off Then, I chose a story from it and gave just a very brief overview of the lesson. Just fifteen minutes tops from the lesson. Then we practiced a new primary song and had dessert. Yesterday, all the boys teachers said that they were very good in their classes. We got in the car and Joseph and Spencer were very excited to tell me that both their teachers told them the same story that I had told them at family home evening! They thought it was so cool. So, tonight I gave them a little mini lesson and we played a suggested game from the lesson manual for the lesson they will be having on the 25th. I told them that they may be hearing some of the same things on Sunday in their classes and that I wanted them to listen carefully for the similarities. They promised they would. I'm glad I stopped and hit that reset button and started doing this again because not only are we benefiting as a family from the time together, but the boys are being better behaved and getting more on Sundays in their primary classes. (and I'm hoping participating more too)

Oh and also, Connor is giving his first talk Sunday in Primary. My little 3 year old! I love watching how confident they are going up and speaking in the microphone. He's already told me he was going to do a good job. So cute. A few weeks ago Joseph had been doing Nephi 3:7 for his copy work for school, so it was marked in his Book of Mormon. (They also have part of that scripture memorized and Nephi is Joseph's very favorite.) Joseph got very angry and upset when he got to Primary and found out that he was not going to get to go up and read the scripture out loud in opening exercises. (no one told him he was going to, he just decided he wanted to) He really wanted to read it. His teacher was really sweet and had him read it to the class later. I just am so grateful that our boys are not afraid to go up and speak and read in front of crowds. (another one of those things that prove people wrong who thought my homeschooled kids were going to be social retards) (o: I am a very proud parent tonight. Who would have thought that I would have these words to write just 9 years ago when I was told I had less than a 5% chance of ever having a child?! Life is good today. (o:

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