Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Forgot!

I totally forgot to mention Connor's first talk on Sunday. He spoke on his family and how he has Heavenly parents and earthly parents and how he can show obedience. It was sooo super cute! I don't think many people understood much of what he said, but he was so excited to get up and talk in the microphone to all the people. He actually thought he was going to get to say the prayer too and started to pray as soon as he got up there. I had to kinda veer him towards his talk. I think one of the greatest things that our church can do for children is this. I was always eager to give talks in church when I was a kid. It really helped me gain confidence as I grew. It makes me proud to see that none of my boys are afraid to get up and speak in front of people.

In other news, Joseph is working towards earning money for a Lego car wash that he really wants. It's $40! (so far he has $11) He has been doing extra work for me and going over to his grandparents and doing extra work for them, like sweeping out their garage, picking up weeds etc. We have been trying to make sure that he understands that he does not get paid for everything he does, and that he should do most things just for being kind. We think he understands that. He has been trying to think of other ways to earn some money. Wiggling his teeth to see if any are loose, asking to open a lemonade stand. He has even thought of selling some of his pictures. So if anyone is in the market for pictures of car washes, we have about a billion of them. Spencer is also earning and saving money, but he just likes to have it to count. He says he would sell his pictures too, but he's not as eager to give them up as Joseph. He takes so long to draw them because he is so detail oriented. Here is a sample of Spencer's latest creation. I have a picture of it because he drew it for his grandma at her house and she wouldn't let me keep it, so I snapped a picture of it. Pretty amazing for a 6 year old!
Anyway, that's all I have to say. I work tomorrow and Saturday then I have a week off! The pocketbook won't like that, but I sure will. I can't wait to have an evening with my husband for once. Will be nice! (o:

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TaCalone said...

Grandma Teese will buy one of your drawings. How much do you charge?Sure proud of you and love you very much!