Sunday, June 1, 2008

Military Men

Now that David is home (yay!!!), I will mention him. (o: Here is a picture I stole from Jamie of my dad and two brothers. Don't ya just love a man in uniform? That's one of the things that caught my eye about Travis. First time I really noticed him he had just gotten home from monthly drills. Still in his cami's looking all hot! (o: Please notice that Nate and David are in the Air Force and Dad is Army, but their uniforms look so similar. Don't know why but I think that's kinda cool.

I'm so proud of the men in my life. My dad and brothers for serving, my husband for serving, and his dad, who served in the Korean war! (ya, he's kinda old) (o; Actually, Travis's brother even served in the Reserves if my memory serves me. (Olivia, if you are reading this, ask your dad about it.) This is the greatest country on the planet. I'm so lucky to live here and now. We try very hard to instill this pride and love in our boys. (Oh ya, and Travis's Grandpa was wounded during the Battle of the Bulge too) So, if you ever meet a soldier or a veteran, do like what we like to do and thank them. Thank them for helping us have our freedoms. Thank them for being willing to give their lives for us and our nation. Just thank 'em.


(I will now put my soapbox back under my bed for a while)


~*~*~*HEIDI*~*~*~ said...

What a wonderful picture. I am so happy to hear that David is home safe. I hadden't heard yet. It does make you feel very proud to be an American. I never knew that Travis served too that is great.

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