Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Connor's Concert

Connor is our musical child in the family. When I was pregnant with him I was the Sacrament Meeting chorister. I would stand in front of the organ and as soon as the music would start, he would start squirming around. I knew then he would be a music lover. I was right.

He was singing in the bathroom this morning. I grabbed the camera and had him sing for me. Like a moron, I tipped the camera for the first one. So, I had him re-sing "I Love to See the Temple" so that it's right side up. I'll include both cause they are so cute. This is his newest favorite song. They are learning it in Primary right now.

Then he sang his other two favorite songs. "Reverently, Quietly" and "So This is Love". I started singing "So This is Love" to him when he was first born. I've sung it, along with the other songs he sings, every night before he goes to bed.


TaCalone said...

oh my goodness that was the cutest thing ever! i just wanted to jump in and squeeze him to pieces. he's all grown up and I haven't seen him, that makes me so sad. Keep those movies coming
love you most

Shauna said...

CUTE! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

~*~*HEIDI*~*~ said...

Oh my heck those are so cute!