Sunday, June 29, 2008

Heat Schmeet

It is 7:24pm right now and it is 89 degrees outside and 85 in our apartment! We are all sweating like a bunch of little piggies. Wait, do pigs sweat? I wish I had a mud pit right about now. It is not a good thing to bring heat upon the poor people of Seattle. It's just not nice. At the beginning of this month it was a high of 51. Now it's 90. It is making me very sad and feeling a strong desire for the rain that I love so well. You don't ever hear me complain about the Seattle weather until it gets hot. Luckily it's supposed to get to 72 by Friday. I hope they are right.

I know that all you folks that live in the south or the desert, or Utah think I'm a whimp. You are very correct about that. BUT~how many of you have air conditioning? We don't! We have a fan. A little fan. It's cute, but not very helpful.

Anyways, that is my complaining for the day. Actually, I don't complain all that darn much on this blog. I was due. (o: I just want it to be nice and cool again. Did I mention that I miss my rainy days? Well, I do. (don't tell Joseph~he's thrilled with all this heat) He's not really our child. He can't be. Travis hates the heat as much as I do. I wonder where he got that gene.

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