Monday, July 8, 2013


Besides the 4th celebration, here are some of the things that we are doing...
I went to the doctor before the 4th...they made me wear a mask. Everyone is at about 75% better now...except Spencer...our hold out...he's freshly sick.

I've started my college classes. I did homework outside in the sun. Okay, I tried to do homework in the sun. I ended up putting my head back and falling asleep. At least I got my vitamin D!
 Connor is now obsessed with the movie Twister and all things tornado. Here is his first attempt at making a sensor like in the movie. He actually cut pop cans up!
Izdet wanted me to take a picture of her seeds...
...and when I put make up on, she wanted some on too...and insisted on a picture. (no, she does not believe in clothing)
Today I mowed the front yard. Took forever cause we have a really big front yard, but I enjoyed it! Normally that is Travis's job, but since everyone has been so sick for so long, the poor yard was looking like a jungle. Half way through mowing I got a text from Travis that said, "Don't forget I have tomorrow off, so I can finally mow the lawn!" Oops!
I over cooked the toast, so I set it outside for our daily raccoon visitor...but a seagull came along and claimed it first.

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