Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stuff Goes On

Travis started a new job last week. A better job. A tiny bit more money, but more hours and a much better (more positive) work environment. So...the last couple of weeks have been stressful, yet peaceful and then happy. We kind of felt like we were in a foggy haze for a while, but now the sun has come out and the haze has cleared and I'm feeling more like my old self. I, however, have TONS of stuff to do to make up for those couple of weeks where, I learned, when you are in a hazy fog, you don't get much accomplished.

Here are just a couple of pictures for your enjoyment.
Elizabeth is growing like crazy. She had her 4 month apptmt. She's 90% for height and 45% for weight. She does seem so much smaller than the boys...who were all square. (90% &90%) She's healthy and happy. Spencer also went in...his 7 yr old check up. He's healthy and well too. He is tall and skinny also. 75% for height and 50% for weight. My kids definitely have Isaak genes. At least these two do. My mom sent this purple outfit and my sister-in-law sent the headband. Yay for purple!!!
You can't really see it, but this is a purple dress mom sent. We were going home from church here. I forgot to mention that Little Miss (that's what Joseph calls her) drives me crazy cause every time I lay her on the floor she immediately rolls over and starts screaming cause she doesn't know how to roll from tummy to back yet, but loves to roll over the other way...so I can't just lay her down on the floor anymore..unless I post Joseph next to her to roll her back over every time. (which he happily does quite often)

Here are the boys playing nicely together. It was Spencer's computer time Sunday after church. He decided to dig out an old game we had...Police Chase. (It's where they drive a car through an obstacle course or city and if they want, they can have the police chase them)Joseph and Connor were cheering Spencer on as he played. It was pretty cute! And yes, that is pizza in the background. Homemade pizza thank you very much. When we came home from church I made the dough and the kids helped make their own individual pizzas. Travis and I had tomato, green onions, and green peppers. The boys all had mushrooms, (YUCK! I can't believe all 3 boys love mushrooms~Travis and I hate them) tomatoes and Spencer threw on some onions. They were very yummy and kinda of a fun treat to have on a Sunday evening.
Okay, that's it for now. Elizabeth is throwing a fit behind me because she wants me to hold her. No other reason...she's fed, changed, napped. She just wants to be held. Darn it! Guess I'll have to go snuggle with my baby.(o:


Rachael said...

Congrats on Travis getting a new job! That's great. Sorry you've been in a funk. I'm glad you hear you're out of it :)

TaCalone said...

Lizbet looks so cute in purple.
love you!

Anonymous said...

Weird thought but, do you realize that your little girl has your eyebrows? cute!

Dani Cloud said...

Your little girl is adorable! You entered a contest at Feely Photography for my hairbows. I wanted to let you know I am having a giveaway at my site, www.cloudydaycreations.blogspot.com.

Kristina said...

Braelinn says she loves you and Elizabeth looks very cute. We love purple more than pink in our house too.

Heather Whitehead said...

How are you guys? How's your summer? Cute pictures and i can't belive how big Elizabeth is getting they grow up to fast, she is such a cutie! Tell Deone and everyone hi!