Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Just wanted to say Happy Father's day to a couple of important Fathers.
First and my Travee. About 5 years into our marriage I gave Travis the option of opting out of our marriage so he could go find a woman that wasn't told she would never have children. I knew what a great dad he would make and felt so bad that I wasn't giving him that opportunity. He told me no and I was crazy. I'm glad he did, because miracles happen and I am able every day, to watch Travis be that great dad that I knew he would be. I love him more than anything...despite any gooberness that he may have. (o: Thank you, Travis, for giving me four beautiful children, and for being the loving father that you are. You are the love of my life and I can't imagine my life without you.
There's some special bond between a father and daughter. I can see this already.
How can I not love this man?
Travee, you're the best!
Look at that good looking bunch! Another great dad is Travis's dad, Ken. Here he is with the family. He is a very spiritual man that would do anything for us. He's always interesting to talk to and I'm glad that he's still around...even though he's promised to die since I married Travis almost 15 years ago. ("Now that my youngest is married...I can die")

This is my daddy. You will never find a more honest, upstanding, kind man as my dad. He loves his family and his country. I get along very well with my dad and, unlike most of the population that finds my dad a tad too quiet, I love talking to him and we can literally talk for hours. We enjoy the same types of things...books we read, the Civil War. It's fun to talk to Dad. (o:

I'm very proud that my dad retired a full bird Colonel in the Army. I'm grateful for the experiences that being an Army brat gave to me. Thanks Dad, for all you did and do for me. I love you!
Oh, I also still have one living Grandpa~Morgan Anderson. I don't have a picture at the moment on this computer...but he looks a LOT like my dad (well, vice versa) but really...if you know my dad, you know my grandpa. He's a great man. He's not even 80 yrs old and they have 40 GREAT grandchildren! Quite the legacy.
(Also, I miss my Grandpa Jake more than anyone will ever know!)
So, you can see, I'm a pretty lucky girl. If we got to choose our family in heaven, I must have had first round pick cause I got the best of everything!
Happy Father's Day!!!

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Heather Whitehead said...

Happy Fathers Day Travis!