Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

Today, Elizabeth went to her very first party. All of the children are from church, most are in her Sunbeam class. They were all very adorable and it was a great opportunity for Elizabeth to be with other children. Here are a few pictures of the fun times. Most are blurry because she refused to be still long enough for a photo.
Natalie has lots of great toys. Here are Lizbet and JoJo playing with these toys. Jo kept saying, "I'm the Mom!" and Elizabeth was all...okay, whatever. haha 
They had a cute little heart themed lunch, that she didn't really eat (there were TOYS to be played with! Food..schmood!) Then, they decorated sugar cookies. Yummy!
Here she is with her finished cookie...that she licked and then asked me to eat. (I, of course, took one for the team and "helped" her eat it)
They made cute little boxes to hold their Valentines. Then they passed them out to each other. I was happy to hear that everyone liked the bubbles we brought.
The chick on the right in the red...that's extraordinaire, and hostess of the party. (thanks Kristen!)
And last, but not least...the beautiful purple flowers that Travis got for me! I normally don't care about getting anything on Valentines day, but this year, I just felt like I could use a little extra love. So, my sweetie picked me some of my favorite flowers in my favorite color. I am happy.  
Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!!! 

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