Friday, March 1, 2013

WW Stuff and a Car

 Well, it's week three of going to Weight second weigh in (cause week one doesn't count!) I lost 3 pounds...that equals a total of -9.2 in two weeks. Not too shabby!
Since it's kind of consumed my thoughts and time lately, that's what I'm gonna blog about....
This is how Elizabeth rolls at the WW meetings. The meetings are so tiny compared to when I went to Kent. I really love them so far though. They have this cute little blue child chair that Elizabeth sits in. Here she is, in her little chair, watching "Brave" and eating goldfish crackers. Everyone loves her there. 
My family has been pretty supportive this time through, which I am really grateful for because losing weight and getting healthy is friggin hard! I have been walking every day, and if I walk in the afternoon, I take at least a couple of kids. Yesterday, Lizbet wanted to dress up for the walk. She cracks me up!
Early in the mornings when I walk alone...I'm not ever really alone. Today I had a half dozen deer to keep me company. Have I said how much I LOVE living here lately???
Product Reviews:
 I know water is the most important thing to drink, and I have a purple Brita pitcher and a purple Brita travel bottle...but, sometimes I need to mix it up. (especially since I'm now barely drinking Diet Coke)  At Walgreen's, they have this really yummy sparkling water. The orange mango is AWESOME! Plus, since it's a Walgreen's brand...I get 15% off, so it only cost me 85 cents. So, if you are looking for a carbonated is a yummy one.
Even though I gave up my Diet Coke (mostly), I need a
source of caffeine once in a while. Plus, I am a huge
believer in the B vitamins for energy, so I grabbed this
at Walmart. It is really yummy and gives me just the
right amount of energy. Not jittery at all.
(is lastly a word?...I like it, so I'll use it) Travis's car died...again. This time is was his starter. So, we ordered a new one, had it delivered, and then the super wonderful, marvelously fabulous friend of ours...Jason Minnoch, showed up in his gigantic truck, hooked up our car, towed it to his shop, and fixed our car right up. Jason is amazing and funny and a perfect match for Travis. Those two are funny and very naughty together! ha! This picture is of Jason's big truck....and two of our boys (Joseph and Connor) helping push the car into the street. When they got done pushing the car, they came running in, so excited..."Did you see us PUSHING THE CAR???!!!!!"
That pretty much sums up my week. Off to go buy some salad and chicken breast!

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Rachael said...

Good job losing weight! We're trying to, too and it is hard!!