Friday, November 13, 2009

It's all Facebooks Fault!

I don't update my blog as often because I'm always on Facebook! But, I realize that there are people who don't have fb accounts, so I better put some pictures up for all to see. (o: Tuesday, we took Jake, a little boy I watch one day a week, and the kids up to Snoqualmie Pass and played in the snow. It was so much fun! Here are some pictures of our little adventure.


mrs. olson said...

That looks so fun!!! But..I'm not really looking forward to it snowing here because I think it'll last for like 5 months straight.

I'm glad you're doing well!!

Coleman Family said...

What a fun day! I can't wait for it to snow here - bring it on! Your kiddos are getting so big! Cute little sweeties...:)

TaCalone said...

I LOVE the picture of Lizbet on the horse with Joseph. So adorable! And dont send me pictures of snow. I'm jealous!!!
love you most