Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lately we...

Built a volcano out of homemade clay for science. We named it Mt. Vesuvius 2.
Celebrated Grandpa Nelson's 80th birthday!

Went to Costco and ate giant hotdogs.

Connor really likes Costco hotdogs.
Ate donuts from Krispie Kreme..(this is a chocolate Fling)
And a little toe jam too. (o:
Finally...we watched cartoons on our Directv.
That about sums up our life. Simple but wonderful. We have started a new math program and it is going wonderfully. That's about it.
Oh yah! I also enjoy wearing my Muggle shirt around and either getting funny looks or thumbs up from the cool people that get it. (o:

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TaCalone said...

loved seeing the pictures. Sorry I hadn't gotten on you kids' blogs in a while. love you and miss you!!!!