Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Since Travis had his surgery...we kind of fell behind on the whole holiday thing this year. We did manage to get to the pumpkin patch and the annual Trunk or Treat at the church. Here are a few pictures of the fun times. Pumpkin patch...obviously. (o;
Our little Queen bee...Queen Elizabeth.
Connor the Crossbuck. He's so cute!
Joseph and Spencer were so excited to get started.
Connor's crossbuck. He's such a funny kid! Our kids are very original in their costume choices. No store bought things for us...except Lizbets...hers was a hand me down though.
Connor did get these at the dollar store and wanted to wear them, but he couldn't see to even walk...so he nixed it on his own.
As usual...Spencer wanted to be a stoplight. It's like his 3rd or 4th year being a stoplight, but it's super easy to make and it makes him happy so...
Last year Joseph was Grave Digger monster truck, so this year he was the driver, Dennis Anderson.
Elizabeth loved the feeling of this bee costume. She actually enjoyed wearing it. She really was as cute as a bug.

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