Monday, April 16, 2012


Travis is taking a class for's a Pharmacy just started this past weekend. We have always driven around the Sound, down through Tacoma to get to Renton where we stay. (at Travis's parents house) It's about a 3 hour drive total. This week we figured out that it's "only" $12.75 to ride the Bainbridge ferry into Seattle, so we thought we would try it out. It's still almost 3 hours total...but what a difference it made! The kids were able to get out of the car and explore the ferry for a half hour, go potty, eat a snack....totally worth the $12.75! It made the trip seem so short! Going home~well~that is a much more expensive story. It costs $38.50 for us to go from Seattle to Bainbridge. We had planned to drive home because that's pricey! But, we got delayed a day for leaving and we decided that scrounging up the money and riding the ferry home was a wonderful sounding idea. It turned out to be a good choice. I don't think we would be able to afford coming home on the ferry every time, but it was a fun adventure!

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