Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Couple of Pictures

We took like a hundred pictures the other day, but I can't find where Travis put them on the computer! I wanted to get a few on the blog, just to have some extra documentation of our family. 
I took this one at Travis's parents house last month. I love, love, love it, because it sums up pretty much my entire life and reason for living...all in one shot. (I know, I posted this picture back in August, but I just love it so much!!)
 We took Travis on the trail section that we discovered a few days ago. He took the good camera and snapped a lot of great shots. We set it up on a pile of rocks and took this impromptu family shot.
 I absolutely love this picture of Joseph. It's so him. I can't believe that he is 12 years old...and is only 3 inches shorter than me...and goes to Young Men activities! My baby!!!!
Kinda random, but I took this picture. They were a block down the street from our house. They are such beautiful creatures!

So, when I find the pictures, I'll probably post more. I'm trying to get the kids out more and we decided to use the Olympic Discovery Trail as our main objective. There is a lot of trail to lots of pictures to come. Here is a link to the site for the trail. It's super awesome!

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