Friday, November 16, 2012


Lots going on around here these days. Here is a a small snippet of our week.
Travis bought me a new crockpot. We got, literally, a half dozen when we got married...all different sizes and types. (but none were the wide oval ones) Well, after 18 years, all but one are, when I saw the big oval crock pots on sale at Walmart...all I had to do was express a slight interest and Travis had that thing on its way to the registers. I never buy things for myself because I hate spending money and always find a w ay to convince myself I could do without. So, when Travis sees a chance to get me something he knows I really want...he seizes the opportunity. I have had lots of fun trying new recipes. This picture is of my chipped bowl...I mean of Cheeseburger potato soup. Oh my heart clogging goodness! It was divine! So, yay for new crock pots!

Thanks to "The Avengers" and Nick Fury, Connor REALLY wanted to know what it was like to wear an eye I sewed him his own. He wore it all day. Funny kid.

Elizabeth decided that she didn't want to eat anymore and we don't know why! Some of us have colds and sore throats, so I thought maybe that was what it was. I took her to the doctor...which is what this picture the doctors office. They have no clue why she's refusing ANY food! She was even refusing drink, which was why I took her in. Her throat is fine...her ears are tummy frustrating! All she has consumed for four days is Kool-Aid! Today, I told the boys not to make any punch. Her only choices were milk or water. (yes, she even refused chocolate milk!) She cried and cried, but wouldn't give in. Finally, I put ice cubes in her sippy cup with milk and a dash of vanilla. I shook it and shook it and told her I was making ice cream. Then I set it on the counter and walked away. She took the bait and drank the whole thing! So, she has so far consumed 2 sippy cups full of "ice cream". It's the most nutrients she has had in her body for a week. What the heck? We'll keep you posted...she needs to eat soon...she's almost 4 years old and weighs just over 30 pounds!
We had an inspection of our house. It went well...we passed. I had to snap a picture of Joseph and Connor's room, because, well, it's CLEAN! Plus...I wanted to document how cute I think their "decorating" is. Lots of moms make up their kids rooms to look like an amazing out of the magazine room. I get jealous, briefly, but then I know my kids. 1. They would totally destroy the cuteness in a day. and 2. I love that they are expressing their own styles and likes. Just out of the picture, on the left, you can see the very corner of one of Connor's hub caps that he has hanging on his walls. Yep, hub caps and monster truck posters and pictures hand drawn galore! I love it!
This is just a silly picture of me and my girl. the Nelson news...Travis was standing on the garbage container trying to smash down the garbage, when the big can slipped and he fell on his face. Seriously. Knocked himself out! He had a big old goose egg on his head and is now suffering from some bruised ribs, but seems otherwise ok. It was kinda scary at the time.
And...on my way home from taking Little Miss to the doctor, I was stopped at a light, when my foot slipped off the brake and I bumped into the car in front of me! The girl insisted on calling the police cause her bumper got a little dent. (I asked if we could just exchange info beings that I had four kids in my van and one was feeling crappy...but nooooo) Needless to say, when the officer arrived and saw that our van, I now call "the Beast", had 0 damage and her damage was minimal...he seemed totally annoyed that he had to respond. He gave us each others insurance info and left. I got no ticket and our insurance already called me and told me it was all covered. Phew! It was a weird day!
So I will wrap it up because Spencer is sitting here watching me type, patiently waiting for his computer turn back. Thanks, Peppo, for loaning me the computer.

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