Monday, May 13, 2013

This Week...

On Friday I earned my 10% key chain. I'm down 23.4 pounds now. I'm a third of the way to my goal. 
Elizabeth was looking at my phone and saying, "take my picture!" 
Saturday, Joseph went on his first youth Temple trip. We were very proud of him for choosing to go. He wasn't sure he wanted to, because the thought of  going all the way under the water is terrifying to him, ever since he nearly drowned a couple of years ago. After a lot of thought and the knowledge that no matter what his choice, we would support him, he decided to go. He did two baptisms. He said after the first he nearly panicked, but he wanted to do at least one more. He said he thought of the people in heaven that he would be helping and found the courage to do another. To some people, this may sound silly, but to him, this was a big personal accomplishment. The day he and Spencer nearly drowned is still one of those times that neither Travis nor I can talk about or think about. 
Anyway...he had a wonderful time. He went with the youth and youth leaders (all who are very wonderful), and it was a good experience for him. Everyone told me that Joseph's favorite part of the entire trip was dinner. They went to Old Country Buffet. I can only imagine how much in heaven he was. He said he tried a little of everything that he could. Funny kid. 
We are proud of the fine young man that he is becoming.

I just realized I didn't post any pictures from Spencer's birthday! He turned 11 on April 30th. He had a Doctor Who themed birthday (that's my boy!!!) 

 His cake. The TARDIS and daleks. 
 The birthday boy. He even got a mini sonic screwdriver flashlight!

....just because I saw this on the cute!

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Heather Whitehead said...

Cute pics and way to go Dawn thats quite an accomplishment keep up the good work!