Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Trip to Saint Helens

We took the kids down to Kelso for a couple of days for our summer vacation. We stayed at the Best Western in Kelso. It was a pretty fun trip. Nobody got super grumpy, except Travis when he went to the desk asking about why our cable and Wi-Fi weren't working...but that paid off and resulted in our second night being free and in a new, fancier room! We went swimming one night and spent an entire day visiting the Saint Helens visitor centers and driving to the mountain.
Here are pictures of the trip for your enjoyment.
It was hot in 85...which doesn't sound hot to many, but when we are used to it topping off at like70 degrees at our house, we were hot! So, the kids immediately stripped to their skivvy's and jumped on the bed with the air conditioner on! 
Spencer is a mini Papa Clair. He reads everything and absorbs it all. He makes me miss my daddy! 
Checking out the museum stuff. 
Under the volcano! 
Travis and Spencer reading and learning. It was all so interesting! 
It was really a perfect day to see Saint Helens. The clouds stayed away until after we left it. 
At one of the learning centers. The kids all got a turn to "fly" a helicopter 
Watching an educational video at the learning center 
Drove through Bigfoot country...Joseph had to get a picture with the big guy 
Long, hot car rides. Wahoo! 

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Rachael said...

That's awesome! What a fun trip!!