Saturday, November 2, 2013


This year for Halloween we had a zombie (Joseph), a kitty cat (Izdet), a sheep (Connor), and the 10th Doctor (Spencer). The 'rents were Duck Dynasty and a Jack-o-lantern. Travis had to close, so I took the kids to the church by myself for trunk or treating. They had a lot of fun and got a fair amount of candy. They only went around the circuit once...unlike most of the other kids that hit me up multiple times....but they got enough to make them happy. Elizabeth talked about it being Halloween all day and if her brothers argued or teased, she would yell at them for "wuining my Halloween!" was super cute.

Thanks to mom buying me a cricut for my birthday, I was able to decorate the trunk a little this year. Elizabeth drew a picture to help decorate it, so I think it looked pretty good. After trunk or treating, I took the kids to a fancy dinner at Taco Bell and then we went to Walgreens so the kids could show their dad their costumes.

All in all it was a good night. The kids declared it a success and thanked me for being a good mom and taking them by myself.

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Heather Whitehead said...

LOVE all the costume so creative!