Friday, February 20, 2009

Had Enough?

Here are a couple more pictures of Elizabeth. Have you had enough of this topic yet? I haven't even scratched the surface! (o: I realized when I started uploading the photos that I don't have a recent one of Spencer with her yet. He loves her very much but was on the computer playing his SIM City 4 when I took the pictures of his brothers. (he has his priorities) Enjoy!

Connor isn't jealous like we were afraid he would be. He loves his sister and is very protective of her. She makes so much as a squeak and he's letting us know we need to attend to her.
Joseph is a huge help with Elizabeth. He loves to hold her and bring her to me when she cries.
Beauty in brown. She was looking at a picture on the wall at Chuck E Cheeses.
Sleeping and thinking at once.

Here is her side of the room. On the wall there are fairies and stars. The star theme follows all around the room to Connors side with planets and stars. (o:


Rachael said...

She is darling!! I'm so happy for you. Especially that the boys are doing so well with her. Congratulations again!

TaCalone said...

Oh, I miss you guys so much! She's so adorble!

Jen Bailey said...

The sleeping/thinking picture is PRECIOUS.