Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sadness Rules

Tomorrow my mom leaves us. It is going to be a very sad day. I have to have a baby in order for her to come visit, and since this is my last baby, will I ever see her again??? (I'm sure I will, but still...) Mom has been a tremendous help to me and the kids have just adored her. I was on bedrest the week after Elizabeth was born, and don't know what I would have done without mom.

In the very near future I will post lots of pictures and the story of Elizabeth's birth (so stop asking people~you know who you are). (o: For now, here are a couple of photos.
Joseph took this photo. Pretty cute of our little baby. I like the fact that my face isn't as swollen as it was the week before.
I always said I would never do this to my kids, but mom bought the glasses, so I just had to try them out.
This was the day before I went to the doctor and found out just how sick I was. I didn't know I was toxic (I had toxemia), I just knew that my face, feet, and hands were really swollen and I felt absolutely horrible. Who knew that you could die from child birth after having the baby. Good thing she is our last.
Last, but not least, my mommy and my baby girl together. I don't think I've dressed Elizabeth once since Mom has been here. She loves dressing her up and changing her clothes a couple times a day. It's been so sweet to watch. I love you Mom!!!


Shauna said...

Toxemia! Oh my goodness! How scary. You poor girl! I love the pictures (especially the one of your mom and Elizabeth). So darling! Take it easy and rest up!

TaCalone said...

I love you too my beautiful daughter! I'm so "grateful" for you! love you and miss you terribly!!!

Jamie said...

Ok I love you but the snow man got to go now Dawn. Happy you are finally feeling better. I love you and miss you,