Monday, May 18, 2009

Growing Up Too Fast

Yesterday Joseph came up to me and said, "Look Mommy, I'm almost as tall as you!" He really is getting tall. He had to get new sneakers a couple of weeks ago. I think they are less than an inch shorter than the ones that I wear! He is also beginning to eat me out of house and home. Just today he had a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Then an hour later he had a big banana. Now he is eating another bowl of cereal and it's only 11am. I just can not believe how big he is getting. Actually, all of them are really growing. Even Elizabeth. She rolled over Saturday all by herself. From back to front. She wanted to get a hold of something she saw, so she rolled over to get closer to it. She is a determined little bugger.

Also yesterday, in church, I was watching the boys as they sat with their classes. Spencer was actually not sitting, but pacing up and down the pew, but Joseph was sitting very nicely with his class and Connor was sitting as still as Connor is able to sit. I was so proud of them. They are handsome boys and I am proud to be their mom. Joseph is now in a huge class. There are, I believe, 9 boys and one girl. They combined his class with the older class because his class was just him and the girl (Janina). So, now Joseph is with a group of boys that are all a year older than him. He has great teachers! They are a married couple. So nice. Their son is also in the class. Brother Bernard is our hometeacher. He is from Haiti and has a cute little accent.(totally irrelevant, but it's my blog) Sister Bernard is a French teacher, so she knows how to deal with kids. I don't know how Joseph behaves in class, but he is much more behaved in sharing time now. I think it's a combination of his great teachers and being with the older boys.

One funny thing. I decided in the spirit of wearing my nice sandals to church I would paint my toenails...then I had to do my fingernails to match. I am not a big nail painter person, so the kids don't see me doing it very often. When I came out of the bathroom all painted up, you would have thought I had horns growing out of my head. The boys were all fascinated with my painted toes. "Why did you do that?" was the question I got from all three. "Because I'm a girl and that's just something girls do sometimes to feel prettier. Don't you like it?" They all said they liked it, but kept staring. Then Connor says,"Are you going to "paink" Elizabet's toes?" and Joseph says, "No, she's too little. Maybe when she gets bigger. I don't think Janina paints her nails. I'm going to ask her in church today." Janina is the little neighbor girl that is Joseph's age. (they were baptized the same day. Joseph says he's going to marry her someday in the Temple~I don't think Janina agrees) When church was over, I was informed that Janina does not ever paint her nails. (she's kind of a tom boy~well...just a little I guess. Definitely not nail polish type) (o:

Anyway. I better get going. We are going to be making a giant food guide pyramid. We just finished talking about the water cycle (see picture on our Nelson Boys Academy blog), so we are starting a health unit. Fun times.

And because I can't have a blog post without a picture, here is a picture of Elizabeth looking adorable~even though she's about to cry.


Rachael said...

What a cute pouty lip! Noah says paink also. I love it. And he hates that I paint Hazel's toes and not his. Poor boy :)

TaCalone said...

Oh Elizabeth is so sad cause she misses Grandma Teese! love you!

Anonymous said...

My 11 year old son has Men's size 7 feet! Almost as big as mine!
He's going to be taller than me, isn't he.
They grow WAY too fast, don't they.

And holy cow! that's quite a lip that girl of yours has! woo!

Mistie said...

Awwww what a cute booboo face. makes me sad just looking at it! Don't take them long to grow up thats for sure.

Mistie :o]