Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. Well, Saturday and Monday were great. Sunday Connor had a fever and has developed a bad cold, plus I felt pretty stinky that day (but I think my problem is lack of sleep), but otherwise...everything was picture perfect...which is why I'm now going to show you lots and lots of pictures. Enjoy!
Saturday, we took Travis's mom to Seattle. It was a gorgeous day! We went to our favorite little beach area on Alki, but this time we walked along the sidewalk and took some new pictures. Here I am with my baby girl. Like her flower? I made it! We had soooo many people stop to tell us how cute she was.
Here are the boys giving me a heart attack up on the high dock. You can barely see it,but there are wires to make up the "fence" I guess you could call it. We were really high up above the water.
The boys had a blast walking along, looking out across the water at the city.
Travis always takes all the pictures, so I snapped this one to prove that he was there.
Our group picture. It was nice having his mom with us. I think she really enjoyed herself. We wore her out with all the walking. It was tons of fun though.
Every year on Memorial day we go to Greenwood Cemetary where Travis's sister is buried to watch their Memorial day program. It is always very well done. This year I stayed at Travis's parents home with sicky Connor and (not sicky) Elizabeth and my dad-in-law. Travis took his mom, Joseph and Spencer. They said it was an excellent program again. Here are Spencer and Joseph at the program.
This Memorial Day was extra special because it fell on what would have been Kim's 40th birthday. Here is Mom and Spencer putting flowers on her grave.
Since Connor didn't feel good for most of the day, this is what he looked like. He sat in the shade until his medicine kicked in. Then he would run around and play for a while, then crash until the next dose. He is sitting here waiting for me to bbq his hot dog. Yum!
The boys dig all the dirt and put it on the little sidewalk with these spare bricks. Joseph makes an arena of sorts for his monster trucks and then puts on shows. Notice all the trucks on the ground?
Here's old blue eyes herself in another homemade flower band. (o:
She was talking to Grandma here.
I call this one "true love". Isn't that sweet?
And to end the day, Elizabeth got into her pj's and shades and looked like one cool chick. (o:
That is a very basic summary of our weekend. I have 300 pictures on my computer from those 2 days. (I LOVE digital cameras!) We hope you all had a good one too.


Rachael said...

That sounds like such a nice weekend! You did such a good job making Elizabeth's hair flowers. I'm so glad!!

Jamie said...

YOu guys look like you had fun. Love the Glasses Elizabeth.