Monday, August 10, 2009

August? Already? How did that happen?

First of all...some important business. ***Rachael Olson*** I tried emailing you and my email came back. And since you can't make up your mind on email address is Get me on your list. I'm having serious withdrawls!!!

Okay. I can not believe that it is August! And it's almost the middle of August even! Hello! My little baby girl is 6 MONTHS old!! are not my friend these days. So, the last few days I have been reorganizing my apartment. Isn't that what most women need to do once in a while. Move stuff around. I'm not as crazy as Shauna who not only moves things around, but strips them all and paints them! But, I have been reworking our Education areas. We totally outgrew our little laundry room classroom and have been working in the living room. So, I installed some shelves and moved the desk and did a bunch of stuff like that. It feels good to move stuff around cause then you are forced to clean certain areas that otherwise wouldn't be touched. I'll post photos after it's all done.

Speaking of education...I have also been planning school. Only we are going to try not to call it school. Thomas Jefferson Ed least the people that I have interacted with recently (I need to re-read that book!) call it Home Education. Not Home Schooling. I like the sound of that, and my kids seem to think that it sounds cool, I have been planning this years education. I'm beginning to feel more like I know what I'm doing, but at the same time having a panic attack cause the boys are getting older and also Connor is thrown into the mix this year. BUT...I'll be okay. Like my dad ALWAYS used to ask do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Got it! (o:

It's been some weird times lately. The heat threw us all off. Then, Travis worked his first week of over night shifts. They do a week every 5 weeks, I believe. He left home at midnight and returned home at 9am. Then, he locked himself in the bedroom until 7pm and slept. Seven days he did this. Then, he was given 4 days off to try and recover. That's what he did all weekend. Tried to get his head back on straight. So, it's been a strange the past couple of weeks. (but, let me say...over night shift or not....he LOVES working at Walgreens!!!) So, I have lots more to say but not the energy, nor the time to say it, so here are a few pictures because everyone loves pictures!
Little Miss is now sleeping part time in her new crib. She sleeps in it for a couple of hours...wakes up...wants to be held for an hour or so...then goes back in her crib. Repeat. It makes for a long night, but she'll come around eventually and all will be well. (they all did) I'm tired, but I remind myself that she is my last and what is a few months of sleepiness in my long lifetime. It's so worth it when you see this cute little face.
This was during the day. I was putting away laundry and stuck her in here. I couldn't decide which picture to post, so I put them all on.We called her our little Princess when she was born, but she has been promoted to Queen Elizabeth in our house now.
We took Travis's mom down to Tacoma and Federal Way just for fun on Friday. Went over the Narrows bridge and hit a couple of malls. Here is Travis and Lizbet at the Tacoma Mall. See where she gets her beautiful blue eyes?
Travee said, "My two girls." Awww
Our cute boys having a burger with Grandma D. They love going out with her!
I know this is fuzzy, but I love it and since it's my blog, I can share it if I want...blurry stuff and all. Isn't she the sweetest?


Heather Whitehead said...

I agree i can't believe it's already August time goes so fast! I love that she's already made it to Queen Elizabeth too cute, she's growing up so fast. How's everything with you guys? Tell everyone hi

Rachael said...

Ok, ok. It's not private. I kind of hate private blogs and I was even hating my own. So...I'll try to stop the undecisiveness and leave things how they are. I just don't love facebook but my family always pressures me back on. My blog is a little lame until thursday when I get internet and can post more pictures on our regular computer and stop using our laptop with "borrowed" wireless. So.. you haven't missed much. Good to see you're blogging and little Elizabeth is a DOLL!

Katharine said...

Every picture of Elizabeth is cuter than the last.. she is GORGEOUS. And I love, love the flower headband you have on her. Think I could put one on Nathan, or is that just wrong?? ;-)

Shauna said...

I love the Thomas Jefferson Education model, too. I also have been reading lots of The Well-Trained Mind. I LOVE Story of the World. Do you use it? I also just got First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind and The Complete Writer. I'll let you know what I think after using them this year. I'm really excited about the curriculum we have this year. I wish we could just sit and talk books for a couple of hours. I'd love to get your opinions and hear what you're doing!