Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Just Too Hot!

I know! I haven't blogged for a while. You have to admit that the last blog was one of the cutest ever though. It's just been too hot to be sitting at the computer lately. Yesterday we not only smashed the record high, but it was also the hottest day EVER recorded in Western Washington history. And nobody...well VERY few...has air conditioning here. We could have driven around in our van that has a/c BUT it was in the shop being repaired! So, we went to Travis's parents house while we waited for the car to be fixed and played for a while...then ran through the sprinkler and just got very wet. That includes Travis and I!

Here are a couple of pictures to prove what I say is true.

Actually, first of all, here is a picture of the carrots I pulled from our garden. I was thinning them out a bit. These 'baby' carrots were awesome! Peas are gone...they were yummy too. Cucumbers never grew. They grew last year so I'm not sure what I did wrong this year, but it's ok. We'll do better next year.

This is at his folks. That says 103! Plus, in Seattle there's humidity. Not too much, but enough we could feel it.
Spencer spent a lot of his time inside making 'food' for his dogs. Then he took them outside and let them have a picnic. (notice the brown grass)
A close up of the food he made.
Notice the time? That's when the boys are supposed to be in bed. The top # is outside, middle # humidity in the house, and bottom temp # is inside the house. It got down to 86 this morning.

We put all 4 kids on the living room floor with all the fans we own (4) turned onto them. Yep, even Elizabeth slept on the floor. I was on the couch and Travis was at work in the air conditioned bldg. (he has the night shift for the next week) They didn't go to sleep until 1:30am and woke up at 9:30. Well, Elizabeth woke up at 8, which is why she isn't in the picture. I turned off my flash to snap this one, so it's kinda fuzzy, but you get the idea.

So, that's the summary of "adventures in we think we are going to die of heat in Seattle". It's not supposed to get this hot here. Average temp for yesterday was 79. That's what we are used to, so this is big news to us. Thanks for letting me vent and complain and whine. I know all the people in Texas and Nevada think we are whimps, but how many of them have a/c in their homes? I thought so. (o:


Rachael said...

That is CRAZY! We haven't been that high here. Just eat lots of otter pops and you'll be fine.

Shauna said...

YIKES! We're nowhere near that high here. Eat lots of icecream for me, will ya?

~*~*HEIDI*~*~ said...

I can't believe it is that hot in Seattle. 16 1/2 years of living there and never once did it get above 100. Crazy.

Rachael said...

Dawn! I went private. I don't know your e-mail address. Email me at or so I can add you to our blog. Thanks!

Katharine said...

That last picture of the campout int he living room is ADORABLE! Love it!!!

TaCalone said...

you need to come to our house. It's nice and cool here! I'm so sorry it's so hot there! that stinks!
love you much