Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th Weekend

This was a pretty fun holiday weekend...even with a sick baby and a husband who had to work. Thursday I took Elizabeth to the doctor. She developed the scariest sounding cough I've ever heard. The doctor said not to worry about the cough, her lungs sounded great, but to worry about her ears...she got her first ear infection. )o: She got some of the pink stuff and lots of Tylenol for the fever and that's the end of that. She is doing very good today. Still has the cough, but it is fading.

Friday night, my friend from high school, Sage Browne, and her boyfriend, Don, came to visit from the Boston area. Sage had a thing down in Portland, so since they were on our coast, they drove up and visited. It didn't go at all how I had hoped it would. I had all these plans to go to the Kubota Gardens with them and do fun stuff...but Elizabeth was sooo sick. So, Friday night they came and I fixed dinner and we just hung out and the kids showed off and acted crazy and scared poor Sage and Don to the point that I'm pretty sure they've decided never to have children. They also stopped by Saturday night and had ice cream and just visited for a couple of hours. The worst part of all that was that Friday and Saturday I was more tired than I can ever remember being. I was so exhausted. (babies with sore throats, ear aches, and fevers only sleep a few minutes at a time) There were so many 'awkward silences' cause it took everything in me to come up with the little conversation that we did have. Now that I'm rested I am thinking of a million questions that I have for both of them. Don is a very nice guy. He seems very interesting and I'm sure I would be a much more engaging hostess had I gotten more than an hour of sleep (not an exaggeration)each night. was really great to see her and meet Don. She seems happy and that makes me happy.

Saturday Travis had to work. He closed, so we took advantage of having him with us the first half of the day. His folks really wanted to go to Denny's for breakfast, so that's what we did. The kids got cool alien cups and we all had a great time. Then we went to his parents house and did a few smokeballs and pop-its and cooked some hot dogs on the grill. After Travis left I let them run through the sprinkler for an hour and then we made smores. They were exhausted that night, but it was great.

Here are a few pictures from this weekend.
She looks cute even when she doesn't feel good. This is one of the hats Aunt Kristina sent. It was perfect for going out in the sun.
Daddy did the small amount of fireworks we got with the boys. (nothing loud)
Good ole sprinkler! Spencer ended up taking his shirt off too. It was close to 90 degrees that day. They had sooo much fun!
I said, "Joseph, how's your day going?" and this was his response.
Here they were roasting their marshmallows for the smores. They were so happy. They kept saying, "We're having fun! We wish Daddy could be here to have fun too!" We really missed him, but are grateful that he was at a job and working to provide for the family. There will be lots of 4ths in the future.
He's gonna kill me, but since they don't have a computer...what he doesn't know wont hurt him...right? This is Travis's dad. He had minor surgery to remove a small piece of skin cancer next to his nose. This is the result. His face is pretty bruised. His eyes were swollen shut a couple of days before, so he's lookin pretty here. (o:
Oh, and a funny little tid bit...No loud fireworks this year meant that Joseph didn't have to wear the big ear plug head phone things. But, Spencer walked around plugging his nose the entire time because he didn't want to get sick from the smell. Funny kids.
Here is Sage and Don on the top of the Space Needle. No, I didn't go with them. Like I said...I was exhausted when they came and wasn't thinking I took no pictures of them! Hello! This photo was STOLEN from Don's facebook page. (thanks Don) Aren't they cute?
And that's it for now folks. Sunday we went to church, Travis worked that night, and me and the kids hung out and watched cartoons and camped on the living room floor. Just for fun.


Rachael said...

Sorry about your sick baby! What a bummer.

TaCalone said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Lizbet was sick! I hope she is feeling much better now! Kiss her and the boys for me. How is Travis doing at his job, still loves it?
take care
love you mostest

Katharine said...

Sage and Don are SOOOO cute together! And no worries about scaring Sage - I think I told her WAY too much info about pregnancy and put her off having kids of her own! So I'll take the blame on that one!