Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun Stuff!

First of all...Joseph and Spencer are totally into these books...
Joseph isn't the kind of kid that enjoys sitting down and reading a book. BUT, he really enjoys these. We've been snatching them up at the thrift stores. I think we have 12 now. There are 42 in the series so far. We are getting the compnion study guides and are using them as history lessons. We also printed out and put together passports from the website They answer questions about the books they've read and then get the stamp for that book. They love it!

Anyway, yesterday we went to the D.I. (it's a thrift store). We had a blast and made out like bandits! Check out what we got!
They were practicing their balancing so I snapped this cause it was just too cute of them all lined up.

Here they are with their loot. We were waiting for Travis to bring the van over to pick us all up. Connor got a vehicle, Joseph got a McDonalds, and Spencer got an ATM machine. They were very happy and it cost us I think $9 for all that.

Lizbet got a Baby Genius book. She loves it!

This was my prize. I got this sweet chair! It swivels. I don't know why, but it reminds me of Grandma Rose. I just love it. It's in mint condition and I got it for practically nothing! SWEET!

Baby girl got a Little People castle. If you look closely, you can see she has a little people person in her right hand. She was up on her elbows playing until I snapped the photo.

That's it for the thrift store pictures, but here are a couple of misc. ones. Spencer has been really interested in weather maps, so we bought him a USA Today and he carried the weather page around the whole day, studying it. I taught him how to read it and what the legends meant and all that good stuff. We bought him another one the next day and he compared them. It was very exciting for his dad who loves loves loves weather.

Of course, no blog entry is complete without cute pictures of Elizabeth. She can sit up on her own now for about 10 seconds or so before falling over. Not bad for a 5 month old. Can you tell it's been a tad cooler lately? Gave me a chance to hurry and put on a couple of long sleeve outfits she has.

I LOVE the lilac and brown!!!!!


Poon Family said...

girl, i wish we had a DI here.

TaCalone said...

LOVE your new chair! awesome but especially LOVE the pictures of Lizbet. Wow she is growing up without me!
love you most