Sunday, July 19, 2009

Covington Days! 2009

Yesterday I took the kids to Covington Days. (Covington is the next town's where Kohl's and Walmart are) It's a nice little town. Travis was originally planning on coming, but they changed his work schedule on Friday, so he had to go to work instead. But...since we promised a parade...I took 'em myself! They were very well behaved and we had a lot of fun. We watched the parade go by (which comprised of people walking and waving, a couple of clowns, a bunch of tractors, a garbage truck and a fire truck...pretty much) Then we went over to the little fair part...just like last year. The kids thought it was "awesome"! We collected some little prizes from the booths, played on a fire truck, shared an elephant ear, and watched some fancy drummers. It was a really good time. Although, I have learned that paying special attention to my children and slathering them with sunscreen is the right thing to do...just don't forget myself! I hurriedly put some on my arms, but missed my chest and face and now look very lobster-ish.
Waiting for the parade to start. Elizabeth was asleep. I put the blanket over her the entire time so don't worry, she wasn't in the sun.
We'd just arrived and she was looking cute!
Connor, his blanket, and his thumb. This is classic Connor. He really enjoyed the parade.
Joseph likes to pose. He was standing under the great big tree to get some shade. Notice the parade behind him?
After the parade we went to the fair part. Here the boys are meeting Sparky the fire dog. That dude must have been so hot!
Checking out the inside of the truck!
I froze some Roaring Waters Capri Suns the night before, so by the time we got really hot...they were melted to perfection. Spencer ws enjoying our little break in the shade.
Then...last night, the boys were getting ready to go to bed. They stopped to tell Elizabeth good night and ended up playing with her for a while. This made us very happy to see how much they love their little sister!

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Rachael said...

How fun! I miss Covington Days!!! Don't worry, I'm a complete lobster today too! Too many hours at the pool with no sunscreen on me. Oops. Good job with the frozen Capri Suns. Those are the bomb!