Monday, September 7, 2009

A New Week

This week is going to be a busy week. Today we have already had school. I am going to be going to get my hair cut and then we are taking Grandma Deone shopping with us. (we really need some groceries) Then we will come home and clean up the place a bit cause tomorrow we will be having a guest. Our friend Jake is going to be coming over every Tuesday to stay with us for the day. His parents both work on Tuesdays, so he needs a place to go...what funner (yes, it is a word at the moment) place to be than the Nelson's???? (don't answer that) (o: He will be here bright and early so we need to have things ready for the day before he comes.

Then...on Wednesday I am going to Regina House in Seattle with my Weight Watcher leader and a couple of people from our meetings to help out packing packs of food for toddlers and helping promote the Lose for Good campaign that MY leader dreamed up years ago. The WW CEO liked her idea so much, they turned it in to something national. I was there the first year she did it and I was there when the CEO came and heard her idea. I'm so proud to be a part of it. I'll post more about it all after Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, Travis is going to do his first ever radio blogcast! He'll be talking about politics mostly. If I remember tomorrow, I will get the listening info for you. If you are on facebook, you can get the info there.
Okay, I need to get going. My place is a's a MESS!!! So, I leave you with a picture of my kids being cute.

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TaCalone said...

they look so adorable in their brown clothes!!!! love you most