Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today I turn 35... I look that old? (o:

Actually, I went and got my hair from my in-laws. She actually didn't take too much off...mostly cut the damaged stuff off and gave me some layers. She suggested that as I lose weight, I could go shorter. I liked that idea.
Speaking of weight loss....
Yesterday I went to Seattle with my WW leader, Debbie and a couple of other people in our group. We went to Providence Regina House to help pack food for toddlers that WW has donated. If you have heard anything about the Lose For Good program...that was my leader's idea and I have been a part of it since it's conception back in 2003. It went National last year. This is the 2nd year and is going strong. The press was supposed to be there, but didn't show. That's okay with me since I jokingly called myself the "token fat person" there and Bob was the "token dude". (o: I was the only one that is still working toward goal (most of the others were leaders) (darn Elizabeth! pregnancy + too much christmas baking=go back to start card~almost) was a wonderful experience and I have now found a new place that I want to donate all my stuff to. D.I. usually gets my stuff, but this place needs it so much more...and they don't charge the people. We donated 1,000 pounds of food and stuffed over 100 bags for little toddlers. if you want to know more about the Lose for Good program you can go to the WW website or ask me. I'll try to get more info on later, but Spencer is standing over me waiting for his computer turn and Elizabeth is on my lap~I've typed this whole thing with one hand. (o:
Here's our part of the group. There were about 8 more people, like Debbie's boss and some other leaders...but these guys are Debbie's folk...we were there from the beginning. (o: r. Bob, Barb, Kathy, Debbie the Great!, Me, and Jo.
I am insanely proud to be a part of this group and to know Debbie. Best of all, because of my extra involvement with this weight is goin down! Woohoo!


Rachael said...

Happy birthday! Your haircut looks great and I think it's a good idea to go shorter, too.

Poon Family said...

Happy Birthday! I'm not far behind you. Mine is next Saturday.

Mistie said...

Well you dont look that old to me!!! I thing you are very pretty!!

Happy Birthday!!